Women all around the world are chanting, “Stay out of my uterus!” while also chanting, “Pay for my birth control!” We all use birth control for multiple reasons and I am not here for a medical lecture. I am, however, here to show some women just how ridiculous it sounds when they claim they just need their birth control paid for because it is a “right.” While it sounds well and good, it is certainly not as much of a necessity as other medical expenses people pay for or personal decisions people make – yet no one is dressed as giant vaginas chanting about those. This is what some women sound like when they demand that taxpayers fund their birth control:

“I have bad vision, so it is my right to have free glasses or contacts!”


“I just chopped off all of my hair but realized it was a mistake, so it is my right for free extensions!”


“I have a cold, so it is my right to have all of my antibiotics paid for!”


“I injured myself playing a sport, so it is my right to have my surgery paid for!”

“Since it is our right to own guns, it is also a right for the government to buy them for me!”


“I was born with small lips, so it is my right to have lip injections!”


“I love to eat fast food, so it is my right for you to pay for my weight loss surgery!”


“I hate how my nails look, it is my right for free manicures and pedicures!”

“I chose to have a baby, so pay for all of my hospital expenses!”


“I would like to lose weight, so it is my right to have a free gym membership!”


“I was born as a woman, so it is my right to free bras!”


“I hate that I have to walk to all of my classes, so I have a right to a car!”

Amy G
Amy can't wait for the day when she has a big house in Texas, 7 well-dressed kids, 3 dogs, her high school sweetheart as her husband, and a job that allows her to write to her heart's content, wear Lilly and accessorize with Kate. Sophomore at SEMO with a double major and double minor.

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