In the digitally-driven society we live in, internet access and technology play huge roles in our lives. With the amount of laptops and tablets available, finding one you love can be overwhelming. Here are some laptop suggestions from busy college students whose lives are held in their computers. Remember, laptops often go on sale and many tech companies offer education discounts. Do your research to find the best deal before making your purchase.

Save: Microsoft Surface Go

More of a tablet with the power of a Windows 10 laptop, the Microsoft Surface Go is perfect for anyone on the go. It’s small enough to fit in your favorite tote bag or backpack, but has enough power to get you through the work day or a Netflix marathon.

Retail: $399.99

Save: Samsung Chromebook

If you’re looking for a laptop to get you through college or to be used to simply browse the web, the Samsung Chromebook is for you. It may be hard to do large media products on this computer, but the low price makes it perfect for someone looking for a budget friendly laptop.

Retail: $299.00

Spend: Lenovo – ThinkPad

The Lenovo ThinkPad is branded as the perfect computer for business, containing Windows 10 Pro, and can often be found in classrooms. It is a bulkier option, making it non-ideal for someone wishing to travel daily with their laptop. It’s equipped with a high band-width for gaming or media creating and editing. 

Retail: $701.99

Spend: Dell Inspiron

The Dell Inspiron is equipped with an Intel 10th Generation processor. This laptop flips around and folds into a tablet, allowing for users to choose how they wish to use their computer. Add a stylus to get creative, or simply take notes.

Retail: $849.99 

Splurge: MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro is perfect for anyone needing enough space to graphic design or edit large files. It pairs easily with all of the other Apple products, so you can have everything in one central location. 

Retail: $1299.00

Splurge: HP Envy

Equipped with Windows 10 Pro 64, this laptop has a high quality display and enough storage to hold all of your important files. It’s touchscreen, allowing you to use either the trackpad or the screen when working on a project or browsing the web. 

Retail: $1,149.99

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Whitney E

Whitney is a senior majoring in communication at Mississippi State University. When she's not preparing for law school, you can find her online shopping or planning a trip to Disney World. She loves Ronald Reagan, traveling, and all things preppy.