In the ever-changing political climate, everyone is fighting for something. Whether it’s the pro-life movement, 2nd Amendment rights, or national security – one thing’s for certain. If your fights aren’t fought by or through your faith in God, they shouldn’t be fought at all.

Paul wrote in 1 Timothy, “Fight the good fight of faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of witnesses.” This is a call on every individual, regardless of their careers or passions. It’s become increasingly relevant for those who are both Christians and Americans, who are active in politics, and are the future of the conservative movement. This verse is a call on us to fight with grace, purpose, and passion, for the will of Christ.

Fighting with grace means to fight for what you believe in. It means to partake in civil discourse in such a way that portrays a calm character. This isn’t to take away from your boldness to speak for what you believe in, but to act in grace in order to have your voice heard, without the irrationality that can come from harsh rhetoric. What this means is that a discussion on policy or current events should leave both people with a better understanding of the other. That when the conversation ends, the opposing individual can walk away knowing one simple thing – “We don’t agree on much, but they treated me with dignity and grace.”

Being a disciple for God means that his purpose and will reflects in all corners of your life. This does not exclude politics. There’s an eternal call on God’s people to pursue a life worthy of his calling. What this means for young politicos, is that if we ever lose sight of the fight for life, freedom, among others, we will lose sight of God himself. To fight with purpose is to recognize that your life is not your own, and that your reason for living is to pursue his calling. It’s a call of surrender, seeing that this world is not your own, and that your temporary time is meant for you to reflect Jesus Christ.

Fighting with passion brings the two previous factors together. Fighting the good fight of faith cannot be done without grace and purpose. Passion is intertwined through it all. The young conservative movement must never lose its boldness and confidence. With the two, passion must be found. If you do not have a reason or cause driving you toward your beliefs, why do you have them? To have passion implies that you are utilizing your faith in God, and empowering yourself through his word to go into battle for your beliefs.

The will of God is what every Christian commits his or her self to in life. 1 Timothy 6:12 is a daily reminded that our fights are not our fights, but His. If we aren’t fighting with God on our side, we will lose eternally. So, ask yourself the following three questions.

Am I…

Approaching political discussion in a peaceful and collective manner?

Pursuing a fight that reflects other things that aren’t God’s will?

Fighting with a passion for God that can be seen in any argument I make?

These questions are growing in importance in this ever-changing political climate. Women are needed in politics, especially Christian, conservative women.

Happy Sunday ladies, remember to whom you belong, and the good fights you are called to pursue.

Riley J