Socialism is a growing trend that has become popular among so many millennials. It’s something that has been discussed increasingly in the media recently due to democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Bernie has taken socialism, a once renounced idea, and tried to make it into something appealing and desirable. Millennials and democrats everywhere have fallen for it and are more and more excited about socialism than ever. In fact, they are advocating for it. Arguments like “oh well it’s been successful in Sweden” are incredibly common. This of course doesn’t even consider the fact that Sweden’s population is only a minuscule fraction of the population of the US. It’s shocking and honestly terrifying to watch the young generation, America’s future, embrace socialism with open arms.

One of the most appealing qualities about socialism, in terms of the way Bernie presents it, is the way he throws around the word free. One reason Bernie’s support, and in correlation the support of socialism, has increasingly expanded is due to his plan for free college. Sanders is quick to promise a debt free higher education as part of his goals if he were to be elected. He declares that college shouldn’t cost a penny and that everyone deserves the right to an education. Millennials go crazy over this idea. They’re so far in debt that they’ll accept free college without second thought, not even considering who is actually footing the bill. Another one of Bernie’s famous “free” amenities is healthcare. He believes that everyone has a right to medical attention, without charge. No matter who you are or what your illness is, Bernie believes that Healthcare is a right and should not be a financial burden. And this, my friends, is the essence of socialism – the idea that individuals should be entitled to various “necessities” as basic human rights.

The issue with all of these ideas and the main appeal of socialism is that it is an enormous oxymoron.. On the surface, it sounds awesome but let’s be real here. Doctors, professors, and University staff are all compensated for the work they do – as they should be. Electricity, medical supplies, salaries, all of these things are vital for healthcare and/or higher education and yet – they aren’t free. The reality in life is, nothing is truly free. Nothing. Sure it all sounds incredible but it’s nothing short of too good to be true. Socialism uses others money, primarily through high taxes, as a way to afford all of the “free” benefits it advocates for. Realistically, socialism is far from free. Socialism actually costs a lot of money. What most millennials don’t realize is that if they do get a higher education and a steady job, they’re going to pay every single cent of their tuition, plus some, back into the tax system. College won’t be free, it’ll be more expensive.

Socialism favors the idea of taxing the rich and making sure they pay their way so that the wealth can be spread around. That is not free. Just because you are not footing the bill right now, doesn’t mean the charges aren’t coming. It doesn’t mean someone else who got the same amount of “free stuff” as you, isn’t paying more to cover your share. There is a cost for absolutely everything, especially socialism. Before you buy into the idea of “free”, take another look at who is actually paying for it. Remember that money doesn’t actually grow on trees, and there is a cost.