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Between researching the company, memorizing your strengths and weaknesses, and spending hours picking out the perfect outfit, interviewing for a job can be stressful.

It’s important to remember that even though you are the one in the hot seat, you should also be interviewing your potential new employer. Keep in mind that if offered the job, you will spend a majority of your time during the week at this organization. You should know what you’re getting into before you accept the position.

An interview should be a two-way street. It should be an open conversation between the employer and the applicant. It should give you a sense of what the work environment is truly like and alert you to any red flags. Here are 5 red flags that will warn you that you should move on and keep looking for another job.

They’re unprofessional or rude 

This is the most obvious sign. How they treat you in the hiring process will most likely mirror how they would treat you as an employee. They shouldn’t cut you off, dismiss you, or interrupt you while you’re speaking. The interviewer should not look at their phone. They should not answer a phone call. They should not leave you waiting for an extended period of time. You also shouldn’t feel rushed during the interview. If the prospective employer doesn’t give you their undivided attention and respect, that is a huge red flag that you should not accept that position. 

The job duties aren’t clear

When looking to fill a position, employers should have a detailed job description that lays out the groundwork the role. There should be goals set for the position. If there is not a clear description, that shows the organization either is not organized or they want to be able to assign you any task that they want.

Check for a revolving door

If the majority of the employees at a company are new, it may be a sign that the company does not have a desirable work environment. Ask questions such as “why is this position open?” and “where have the people who have held this position move on to?” Check LinkedIn to see how long employees have stayed at the organization. If you’re able to go into the office for your interview, make sure you look around at the other employees. If they look stressed out or unhappy, it may be a sign that you will also be feeling that way if you accept a position.

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The employer refuses to answer your questions or avoids them

While you are the one being interviewed, it is important to come prepared with questions to ask your potential employer. If you ask a question and the employer either A) doesn’t know the answer or B) tells you that is something you two can discuss “if you get hired,” that’s a red flag. You have a right to know the answers to all your questions.

They didn’t bother to read your resume

If your previous job required you to manage a team and the interviewer asks if you have experience managing other people, that’s a sign that they did not read your resume. If they did, they would know that you do have experience in that area. You did heavy research on the company prior to coming to the interview. It’s a red flag if the interviewer didn’t bother to do any research on you.

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