Some of you might have heard on the news that a Stanford University swimmer was accused of rape. Getting justice within a rape case itself is almost always a fight. Going up against a college athlete is even more of a war. This victim is one brave woman whom everyone should be proud of. No matter what, we stand by you.

The 2015 rape happened on a typical January night on campus. No one expected to be biking across campus only to find an unconscious, half-naked, defenseless female under Brock Allen Turner, a star swimmer for Stanford University. When the victim testified, the California jury found Turner guilty on three accounts of sexual assault. They sentenced him to a minimum of 14 years in state prison. Within the past week, his 14 year sentence was shortened to just 6 months in the county jail. Today, Turner is striving to appeal his sentence to 3 months. Judges thought that any sentence longer than 6 months would have a “severe impact” on the man. You know who else suffered a severe impact? The woman he raped unconcious. Turner does not deserve to get away with what he did, simply because he is too fragile to deal with the consequences of his actions. The victim’s haunting words at the trial, “you don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today” are stuck in many people’s minds. It constructs the pure innocence of the victim and how it was taken right out from under her. Not only her innocence, but her self-worth and soul permanently damaged. The victim states that as she was completing her rape kit at the hospital, she “did not want her body anymore.” Her rapist stripped her of everything she had. The majority of sexual assault victims suffer from PTSD, depression, dissociation, as well as recovering from the physical effects. Her attack was brutal and I wish her the best in life. She is so brave and as a fellow female, who has gone through something similar, I am proud she shared her voice in a not so friendly world.

Stanford is known for its prestigious academics and great reputation. Unfortunately, sometimes schools that uphold such a reputation are very protective over it. 40% of college campus sexual assault reports are sometimes brushed off, as if they do not matter, since victims have the ability to damage reputations and disgruntle alumni relations. This can apply to any college in the United States, not just Stanford. Thousands of rape cases go unheard of each year throughout college campus’. Sexual assault victims not only go through their attack, but they also go up against those who are against them and defy the odds by providing the truth of vicious attacks. Their assaults are personal and can take years to cope with.

According to Think Progress,

  1. 80% of female victims are raped before they turn 25.

  2. ⅔ of college campus rapists are serial offenders.

  3. 92% of victims are assaulted by someone familiar.

  4. Only 12% of victims ever report their assault to law enforcement.

  5. Over 1 million men are raped in their lives.

Holly M
Holly is a Special Education & Elementary Education double major. She spends the majority of her time being a dog mom and trainer to her service dog Delilah. She prides herself on watching The Office a total of 21 times so far.

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