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Once America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift has found herself the victim of feminist hate over the course of the last few years. Amassing millions in album and ticket sales, Swift has built herself an empire of fans from pre-teens all the way to 96 year old grandpas. Despite her success, feminists have personally disowned Taylor Swift. They’ve labeled her as a “white feminist.” While modern feminists may not think Swift is worthy of the title “feminist,” she is no stranger to the very causes they advocate. The 27 year old singer has undergone an extensive amount of slut shaming from the media over her dating choices throughout her career. It leaves one to wonder where the defense from feminists is. Is the ability to have independence in your dating decisions not a cause modern feminists rally around?

Reaching her breaking point with the hate from the media and every day critics alike, Swift released her song, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The catchy tune was a different sound for the singer. As expected, the song drew in a wide range of feedback. Feminists were quick to jump in and accuse Taylor Swift of “playing the victim” with her new lyrics. Perhaps, irony is a trait not known to feminists. Before they slam Swift with the victim card remarks, they might want to remember that third wave feminism is built almost entirely off of victim hood. What Taylor Swift gets, that most feminists do not, is that true feminism is about empowering yourself and other women. It is not obsessing over the idea that your sex puts at a constant and automatic disadvantage.

The hit pieces and hot takes did not stop once the song had made its rounds on the radio. Swift released the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video a week later at the MTV Video Music Awards. Within the tune were countless references to her past career, bringing to light the slurs both the media and her feminist critics have called her. Most notably was the scene where Swift is perched in a gold chair surrounded by snakes, capitalizing on everybody’s favorite term to refer to the singer, a “snake”- a term originally coined by Kim Kardashian.

The end of the dark pop music does not signal the end of the video, however, or the end of Swift’s self-awareness. The closing scene features 14 different versions of Taylor Swift, all coming from past eras of the singer’s career. In less than a minute, Swift skillfully sheds light on all of the comments that have been made about her career and her personal life. The different Taylors take turns making jabs at one another, using the exact language the media has used when discussing Swift. For example, one version of Taylor claims that there is no way the other could be “that surprised” when winning an award, referencing the times the media has made fun of Swift for infamous surprised face at award shows. Another version of Swift even goes so far as to asking, “what’s with that b***h?”, referencing Kanye West name calling the pop singer in his song “Famous.” The act continues as the different Taylors refer to each other as “fake,” accuse one of “playing the victim”, and so on, making for possibly one of the most self-aware music videos in the industry.

All of the aforementioned comments have been made by not only the media, but by so called “feminists.” Tearing down Taylor Swift is a popular hobby among third wave feminists. It was well overdue that Taylor Swift pointed out the hate she was receiving from individuals who claim they empower women. This, of course, was all lost on both feminists and the media. They continued to write hit pieces on the video, wondering just why the singer would bring up all of these past attacks when they were the very individuals who pushed her to do so. The irony in feminists attacking a successful woman, who has no one but herself to credit for her success, was on center stage in Swift’s video. It was missed by those who needed to see it the most.  

The end of the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video did not signal victim hood. It was an awareness of the critiques that are constantly thrown in the direction of Swift. Instead of choosing to throw a pity party and complain about the hate she has received over the years, Taylor Swift did what best. She wrote a recording breaking song. Swift showed feminists that you can make the best out a terrible situation or when you think you may be at an autonomic “disadvantage.” While the media and feminists continue to throw slurs and hit pieces in Taylor Swift’s direction, she will continue to capitalize on it all and turn their hate into her millions.

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