To my high school government professor –

Entering my senior year of high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to study in college. I had my major, my future career path, and what I thought was my biggest passion, all planned out – and it had absolutely nothing to do with politics or government. I enrolled in your American Federal Government class, then everything I thought I knew about myself changed.

Prior to your class, I had some ideas about politics because, let’s face it, it runs in the family. But you were the one that sparked the real passion for me. You forced me to learn the Constitution inside and out, you forced me to learn far more names of elected officials than I ever thought my brain could hold, and you taught me everything that makes our government system what it is today. Most importantly though, through the passion and joy that you taught with, you showed me how to love what I was learning. You came into class each day with such excitement and exuberance, ready to pass your passion for American Government onto your students. And let me just say this: Thank you for doing so. Neither of us knew it at the time, but it made a far greater impact on me than I ever could have expected.

Admittedly, as your student, I didn’t understand the point of memorizing all of this. Why was I ever going to need to know all 27 amendments to the Constitution? The average adult can’t even name half of them! It wasn’t until much later that I realized you had accomplished more than simply making me memorize all of them.

Unintentionally, you instilled in me both a love for the USA and a passion for everything that makes our nation so special. Beyond that, you instilled in me a curiosity to learn about what makes our country unique. I wanted to understand why it was created in this way, and I had a desire to play my part in the future of our system of government. In high school, I left your class each day, excited to come back and learn. When I graduated and moved to college, I realized that I missed the joy that I felt in your classroom and – dare I say it – even the joy I felt studying for your tests.

Fast forward to two years later and as a sophomore in college, I officially made the decision to study political science and pursue a career in government and politics. While I’m sure I would have figured it out eventually, without you and your class, this decision would have taken much longer for me to realize. You gave me a dream and showed me where I belonged in this great big world. Without your influence, I would not be where I am today.

So, to the teacher that changed the course of my future: thank you. Thank you for helping me find a passion like no other. You gave me the desire to devote my life to something so important and so special. Thank you for being the inspiration that I needed to take on the world. And most of all, thank you for teaching me that “American Government is fun, fun, fun, fun!”

Emily W
FFL Cabinet
Emily is an aspiring Elle Woods with a hint of Nancy Reagan. Searching for cute dogs on instagram is only a side hobby to politics. When she's not teaching people about conservatism in Starbucks, you can catch her meeting princesses at Disney or binge watching Gilmore Girls and The West Wing for the millionth time.

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