The election cycle is heating up which means that the drama is just getting started. On this season of the 2020 Election, we are going to look at a myriad of things we either already or will be seeing in the near future. Let’s discuss.

We know all too well about Joe Biden supporters asking for your vote..

The 100,000,000,000 campaign emails you get a day..

Ripping up the campaign snail mail..

And don’t even get me started on the campaign commercials…

All of the emotions when the campaign kicks off…

With all of the staffers during the thick of the campaign..

And there is always that person with the most canvass contacts made

We love the politician and campaign treasurers at events

But we can’t stand all of the Facebook posts..

Especially the late night ramblings..

Or the awkward dinners with people of the opposite party..

And we absolutely love the countless internet trolls…

Oh, and the Karen’s in your mentions

The debates are always the best part..

Especially the overly rehearsed, robotic talking points..

But fear not people…

It’s almost over!

We will get through this together.

Happy Election, y’all.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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