We’re finally at the end of a wild week! With the Iowa Caucuses starting, the State of the Union, the final impeachment vote, and the Iowa Caucuses almost finishing, this week has been busy in the political world. Through all of this, conservative women did some pretty awesome things that you may have missed — luckily, Conservative Women Weekly is here to fill you in!

AL-02 Candidate Jessica Taylor Drops Fiery Campaign Ad

Alabama congressional candidate Jessica Taylor has been killing the social media game since announcing her campaign in October. This week, she released a campaign ad that lit up Twitter both literally and figuratively. Sporting a flamethrower with “TRUMP” written on the side, she sets a sheet of paper with “SHAM ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT” written on it on fire. At the time of writing, the video had over 250 thousand views.

Meghan McCain Challenges Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg on His Abortion Comments

The View co-host Meghan McCain is no stranger to asking the hard questions, so it was not a surprise when she challenged presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on prior abortion comments during his appearance on The View. She asked him directly about his comments that tied Biblical verses to his pro-choice beliefs. Then, she pushed back when he refused to take a stance on late-term abortion. 

President Trump Signs Executive Order Combatting Human Trafficking Spearheaded by Ivanka Trump

At the end of last week, President Trump signed an Executive Order that creates a position within the White House’s domestic policy team dedicated to combatting human trafficking. This initiative was pushed by Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump, who has largely championed issues that affect women and families. This position would work with several agencies and coordinate on programs meant to get ahead of human traffickers.

Rep. Elise Stefanik Joins President Trump’s Re-Election Team in Iowa

Representative Elise Stefanik has rocketed to stardom in conservative circles ever since her fiery defense of President Trump during the impeachment inquiry. Earlier this week, she joined over 80 other Trump surrogates to stump for him ahead of the Iowa Caucuses. On Thursday, she visited the White House where the President recognized her during a speech for her work as a member of his Impeachment Defense Team.

Bonus Nods:

Senator Marsha Blackburn  has defended fellow Senator Kelly Loeffler multiple times over the last few weeks since current U.S. Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) announced his intent to run against her to finish out Sen. Johnny Isakson’s unexpired term. We love seeing strong women support other strong women.

Morgan Zegers, the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism, announced that she is joining Turning Point USA’s ambassador team!

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Jillian K