Podcasts are becoming more and more popular these days. They tend to be snippets of spoken ideas on a large variety of topics, and they can be pretty much any length. With an ever growing number of platforms, you can catch a good podcast episode on almost any device, almost anywhere. It is significantly easier to listen to than a show on the radio, and you aren’t locked in to a specific listening time.

What follows is a list of five great podcasts that cover a variety of topics all through the conservative political lens. All of this is one person’s opinion, but I listen to a lot of podcasts so I know a thing or two. Here we go!

The Ben Shapiro Show

The face of The Daily Wire, and easily one of the most popular conservative podcast hosts, without a doubt, Ben belongs in the top spot. Ideal for a quick mind, and for people that can follow the “mile a minute” nature of the way he talks, facts based information reigns supreme interspersed with the sarcastic quips and the digs at co-host Michael Knowles (iykyk).

The Charlie Kirk Show

A little newer to the podcast game, the beloved founder of Turning Point USA has distinguished his podcast from others by dropping multiple episodes a day. Containing interviews with popular stars of the political or religious realm, Charlie Kirk is an author, a speaker and a role model for the young conservatives his organization works with. The icing on the cake, especially for the original Trump fans, is how close Charlie Kirk is with the Trump family and how informed his podcasts and opinions really are. His popular book The MAGA Doctrine shows how much of an understanding he has of the current political climate, which makes his episodes so informative.

Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz

The popular young Congressman from Florida is newest to the podcast game, with the first episode of his new show only arriving to us on May 11th, 2020. Short bursts of information, Representative Gaetz is on the front lines of the fight to save America from radicalism, and because of that, has given his listeners a window into the world of Congress. Informative and interesting, here’s to hoping that Matt Gaetz has got a lot more to share with his podcast listeners in the future.

Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey

This is different from the first three, in that Allie’s podcast is very religion-centric. She typically does some religion based episodes and some politics episodes on her three day a week schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so there is something in her show for everyone. She is a new mom but really comes across as everyone’s mom, with her soft-spokenness and the way she comes across as caring for so many people.

POPlitics with Alex Clarke

The most unique, and unfortunately the shortest in length, the home base of this podcast isn’t actually in podcasts at all. Its home is Instagram, where the fun graphics and videos can be watched and enjoyed. Of course, not everyone has the ‘gram, so an audio version of the show has been moved to the podcast space as well. Since its arrival in the fall of 2019, the podcast length has grown to double its original length. It’s definitely more pop culture than politics based, which makes it ideal for the pop culture conservative, or as fans of the show call ourselves “cuteservatives.”

This is by no means a comprehensive list. And this is no way the order of how awesome each podcast is. Each podcast on this list appeals to different people, but some people will enjoy it all. Which podcast are YOU ready to add to your playlist?

Robyn is a recent college grad with a love for politics and learning.

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