Here at FFL, we’ve got a soft spot for the first family. A recent conversation we had reminded me of how much I love books and movies about the first family, specifically “first daughters.” Can you imagine the stress of having your every move watched because of who your parents are? There’s a book coming out this fall called American Royals that reimagines the presidency as a monarchy, and a huge focus of the book is on the pressures of being a first child in the spotlight, whether it’s your future as a leader, your love-life, what you wear, how you vote, etc.

Today, I want to take a walk down memory lane and look at the three most iconic movies about the first daughter and remind us all to be a little more cognoscente about how we talk about people who had no choice in being in the position they are currently in as children of politicians.

Chasing Liberty
Personally, this was my favorite of these movies growing up. I love Mandy Moore and thought the international setting was really fun. Plus, there’s a lot of sass and sizzle throughout the film, which came out in 2004. You can watch it on Netflix.
Watch the trailer here.
First Daughter
Young Katie Holmes was an absolute gem, and this is a must-watch movie, honestly. Freshmen year of college is hard enough without Secret Service agents, but the twists and turns in this movie – wow! It came out in 2004 as well and also features Michael Keaton as the president. Your best bet for watching this is going to be on Amazon Prime or through a local library.
Watch the trailer here.
My Date with the President’s Daughter

A new take on the genre, this Disney Channel Original Movie explores what it’s like for an outside to come into the first family. The movie came out in 1998 and is perfectly politically cheesy. I’m not sure the best place to stream this right now, but let’s cross our fingers it is on Disney’s streaming service one day.

Watch the trailer here.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member