Your closet is filled with shirts that show how proud you are to be an American, an American Flag likely flies on your property, you have more red, white, and blue decor than you can count, but what about your pet? We know you love them as much as you love freedom, so why not combine the two? Add these items to your Amazon cart, set up a flag background, and have a fun photo-shoot with your furry friend. Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or just love the United States, your pet needs everything on this list.

Pet Dress

This pet dress is perfect for your girl dog to show her patriotism. Put on your FFL elephant dress for adorable pictures with your best friend. 

Dog Hoodie

This dog hoodie is the perfect addition to your pet’s wardrobe. You can relax in your favorite FFL pullover while your pet sports this adorable red, white, and blue hoodie. 

Uncle Sam Costume

Do you have a boy dog? He needs this Uncle Sam costume. It’s perfect for patriotic holidays or just to wear for fun. Plus, what’s cuter than a pup in a hat?

Dog Bowtie

Want a more simple way to show your love for politics and your pet? They need this bowtie collar. It’s simple, yet fun. Plus, it fits like a collar, so if your pet doesn’t like the confinement of outfits, you don’t have to worry.


This Stars and Stripes collar can be worn everyday by your best friend. Make sure to get the correct size for their breed. 

Pet Bandana

Every pet needs a festive bandana to show their American pride. This bandana will keep your pet stylish and allow them to represent our great nation every day of the year. 

Fancy Collar

This fancy collar may not be ideal for everyday wear by your dog, but it would look adorable in pictures. 

America Tennis Balls

Your pet may not be able to have a seat in Congress, but they can learn to play fetch. This red, white, and blue tennis ball is the perfect toy for your patriotic pet. 

Food Bowl Set

Looking to show your pet’s patriotism year round? Check out this food bowl set designed based on the American flag. 

Heart Toy

Does your pet prefer stuffed toys? This patriotic heart toy is the perfect present for them. The toy will allow your pup to have fun while showing your patriotism.

Toy Rope Set

Is your pet more of a rope toy fan? Check out this red, white, and blue toy rope set. You can play tug of war or fetch while listening to your favorite all-American playlist.

Food Bowl Mat

This food bowl mat is great for a messy pet who cannot keep their food and water in the flag food bowls mentioned above. Combine the two products for a very patriotic mealtime look.

Pet Bed

This pet bed will add some patriotism anywhere in your house. Your pet is sure to have sweet dreams of freedom while sleeping here. 

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Cat Toy Set

This patriotic cat toy set is perfect for the feline in your life. 

Get everything you need to match your patriotic pet while supporting our movement here. You’ll be ready to show your American pride in no time! Love animals? Check out patriotic names for your pet here, and find out which former first pet you are by taking this quiz.

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