Being Type A has its perks. I recognize only those of us who belong to this strange subset of people actually believe it to be the greatest gift, but really- it is! It is very suiting for a staunch conservative to be Type A, especially with the passion for a career in law. There is totally a stereotype here and it is very real to me. I’ve noticed a lot of conservatives who embrace this stereotype, though, are able to achieve their goals, stay organized, and prioritize what’s important to them. Here I will go through the daily schedule of a Type A girl. From waking up early to strictly following our to-do lists, some people just don’t understand the lifestyle, but Type A is most certainty my type.


I wake between 5 and 6am and give thanks and the blessings of the day.  The next 5 minutes, I instantly pour the first cup of coffee of the day. Then, I pack for the day and ensure my bed is made. My seersucker blazer and pink skirt outfit are laid out alongside my mug that wears the logo of my favorite conservative organization. I help myself to a plentiful, nutritious breakfast to carry me through the morning commute on the metro, bustling with activity. I swarm through crowds of blazers and suits to arrive at work exactly ten minutes early. 


Afternoons at work are spent on a caffeine high. Oftentimes, I find myself on Capitol Hill discussing the roots of the American Founding or brainstorming for my next FFL article, of course while multitasking. The main tasks of the day include overachieving, sending upwards of one-hundred emails, checking off every alphabetized task on my to-do list, and finding a few spare minutes to study for the LSAT, fix up my resume, or edit a cover letter for that new internship. On a lucky afternoon, I’ll cross paths with Senator Rand Paul as I walk to a lunch date. 

Mid-afternoon/after work: 

Time to hit the gym for some self-care. Whether I’m training for mu next race and logging double-digit miles or taking a hot yoga class, my body thanks me. Unwinding from a busy workday is critical to the Type A girl before I gear up for a networking happy hour or a dinner date with that cute guy from CPAC who just moved to DC. Cheers! 


On an average day, bedtime sounds like 8:45 or 9:00. The Type A brain tires after dinner and spends the remainder of the evening celebrating with friends, reading the Federalist Papers, or just watching Dave Rubin videos. To an average millennial, this sounds lame, but I’ve just had an insane day of networking, political philosophy, conservative fellowship, and goal-getting. Lastly, I reflect on the successes of the day, the goals I got one step closer to, and the amazing people I chose to spend my time with. If the day radiates any negativity, I find the space to recognize it. Then, I add it to my mental list of things to add to tomorrow’s to-do list!  

Kelly H