Image Credits: The Dailey Beast

We all know Hillary will do almost ANYTHING to gain votes.  Millennials are an important part of the 2016 election and it’s a race as to which side can gain their support.  Hillary has made ridiculous attempts to try to be cool and relatable to the youth voters.  Here are six of the most ridiculous examples:

1) That time she went on the Ellen show to Nae Nae



2) Who can forget that time she was just chillin in Cedar Rapids


3) In 3 emojis or less, tell us how this tweet makes you feel



4) The most powerful woman on Earth next to Hillary Clinton.

Okay that was a joke but in all seriousness Kim K probably shouldn’t be the poster child for your campaign



5) We can’t forget about the vegans



6) Hillary:The kids love Beyoncé, right?

Staff:Hillary plz don’t

Hillary:I’m gonna do it.



Never change, Hillary