Every single time a mass shooting occurs, liberals immediately jump to politicize the tragedy and scream about gun control.  They strike while the iron is hot, trying to push through legislation before anyone can object.  They refer to gun owners, second amendment supporters, and the NRA as murderous monsters.  Despite this craziness, what really strikes me in the gun control debate is how hypocritical liberals are.  Is logic completely absent from the liberal brain when gun control is discussed?  It sure seems like it.  For instance…

1) Liberals hate police and think they are murderers who cannot be trusted.  Yet, they think that only police should have certain types of guns.  Where is the logic in that?  You don’t trust police officers, but you think that they are the only ones who should have guns? What? If you don’t trust the police, wouldn’t you want more citizens to arm themselves?

2) Liberals want extensive background checks and other policies in order to make it harder for people to purchase firearms.  However, requiring a simple ID to vote is racist and should not be allowed.  Logic??

3) The same liberals who say “making abortion illegal doesn’t work! People will get abortions anyway!” believe that making guns illegal will stop criminals from obtaining them.

4) Several unarmed people are slaughtered in a mass shooting, and liberals believe that the solution is to disarm more people.  Um, what?

5) Almost every mass shooting in the past decade has occurred in a “gun free zone”, and liberals think that more gun free zones are the solution. Again, what? Where is the logic?

6) The liberals in Hollywood make billions of dollars off of movies that glorify violence, yet believe that guns are the sole cause of mass shootings.

7) Liberals are “pro-choice”, except when it comes to firearms.  Americans cannot be trusted to make their own choices regarding firearms, but pro-choice, right?

8) Our lovely president, Barack Obama, advocates for more gun free zones, more gun control, and disarming Americans of certain types of firearms.  Yet his daughters attend a school with several armed security officers and he is protected around-the-clock by armed guards.

9) Liberals believe that gun laws will prevent mass shootings, but for that to work, criminals would have to follow laws.  You’re a sociopath who is about to commit several felonies, including mass murder, and you’re going to change your mind because of a law?  I don’t think so.

10) Barack Obama advocates sending weapons to Syrian rebels to help fight ISIS.  Yet he believes that there is no reason why any American should own certain firearms.

In all honesty, I have no problem respecting the opinions of others, including liberals.  However, I just cannot respect a hypocrite.  Come back to me when you can express your views in a logical way.

Sara S