While I was preparing the content to be included in the new FFL website, I realized it would only be appropriate to give my readers a peek behind the curtain as to the voice behind FFL.  I wanted to give the website, the brand, and the passion that FFL has for life, a personal side and here it is.

My name is Amanda and I grew up in Virginia. I thank God every day that I was lucky enough to be born in this great nation.  Like each of you, I’ve experienced those unique rites of passages of growing up, such as enduring the many first days of school, thinking boys had cooties, taking my driving test, and many other successes and challenges along the way.

In 2012, I found myself a young American woman in college feeling like my modern yet traditional conservative values, beliefs, and principles were underrepresented.  Everywhere I turned, I felt like I was being overwhelmed by the “in vogue” liberal agenda. Looking at you, MSNBC… I wanted an outlet to express my own opinions and concerns that included the direction of our country, a whirlwind of unsettling current events, and even on a more personal level, a boy not opening my SnapChat quickly enough (You know, the same boy who I thought had cooties in the third grade).

I created this outlet through a Twitter account named FFL.  Within months, much to my surprise, the followers of the account grew to the tens of thousands.  It seemed like I had resonated and connected with a demographic that is not so easy to reach – young conservative women.

Each day I received multiple emails and tweets supporting FFL’s message.  It has been very exciting to receive the hundreds of emails from mothers whose daughters registered to vote because of their connection with FFL.  These emails and tweets were surprising, yet amazing to receive because I would have never believed that FFL would be a source of such inspiration for young conservative thinkers.

At that point, all of the FFL’s messages were in the form of tweets.  I felt as though the messages were too impactful to leave solely on a social media platform. I began designing simple, but unique apparel, accessories and gifts that were used in the everyday lives of my audience to capture the essence of FFL’s messages.  These items included some of FFL’s most popular tweets such as:  “I’m Always Right” and “Classy, Fabulous, and Republican”  The purchasers seem to crave these items because the product messages were both fiercely patriotic and unapologetically sassy in a way that had never been seen before.

The number of messages and images received from FFL’s audience, describing or showing themselves wearing these items with pride, exploded.  It was apparent that the FFL was becoming viral. The FFL account was becoming a brand that was inspiring girls to stand tall in their beliefs and wear their FFL merchandise proudly – even in the most bluest of states.

So here we are today.  I thank each of my loyal readers who have been with me from the start or joined me during this journey over the past two years.  Thank you for sticking by me despite my sometimes obsessive photographs and posts of my dear German Shepherd, Ellie and my very strong political opinions that I openly shared.  Having each of you with me during this time has given me strength when I needed it and made my days shine a little brighter.  I am happy to say that FFL is here to stay…much to the disappointment of many liberals.

My goal is to extend the message of FFL beyond it’s current audience.  I also want to create a destination for young conservatives to feel comfortable and feel proud of their beliefs, values, and principles.  I want this destination to be a place where people can walk away knowing more about a current event or our political system than they ever did before.  FFL never want us to forget that we are also individuals, full of emotions, dreams and fears so I promise to keep it – you guessed it – young, fun, and just a little bit sassy.

I am extremely elated to start this next phase of my journey with you.   It is an evolution that will continue just as it has in the past.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy it and find a sense of home at FFL like so many others have. Take a look around at the new website and make yourself at home!

 God Bless America,

Amanda O