As everyone knows, the election is right around the corner. Within the next few months candidates will start dropping out, there will be an obvious frontrunner, and eventually we will have our two presidential candidates. So, in true Halloween tradition, it’s time for a little…. Festive horror story. So grab your s’mores, and make sure you keep your lights on, because this is going to be one scary story. These scenarios are going to kill any hope you have had for our country.

Warning: These next few paragraphs may be tough to read. They most likely will cause nightmares. You may not be able to sleep for days…. And when you do… You will remember this terrifying article and you will wake up with night terrors.

Let’s start with the least horrifying, but still a nightmare inducing situation: The GOP loses control of Congress in 2016.
A lot of people forget that there are more offices to fill other than POTUS in this election. It’s possible that the GOP will lose control of either the House, the Senate, or both in this upcoming election. Although it will be a challenge for the Democrats to take control, it isn’t impossible. So, even if our best case scenario happens and a Republican is elected president….. Congress can still cause a problem.


Now, a little bit more frightening: Hillary Clinton becomes the POTUS!

That’s a great example of a #ScaryStoryIn5Words. It’s hard to even imagine this possibility- but we are going to try. With Hillary in office we would literally have a liar-in-chief running our country. This woman has been caught in so many scandals she makes the Kardashians look like amateurs. She’s the definition of a snake in the grass. She let 4 innocent people die who were pleading for help and still hasn’t apologized or shown a single ounce of sympathy. Are we even sure she has a heart? But hey, at least we would have a woman president finally!!!! Amirite?!


And finally, the most horrifying possibility: Bernie Sanders wins the election.

Even thinking about that gives me chills. President Sanders….. AH! I #FeelTheBurn way down deep in my soul. It’s burning up any hope I had for happiness in this country. With Bernie in office one thing is for certain – Unemployment. First of all, if everyone in the country can go to college for free guess what? Your degree means nothing. You no longer stand out. Having a bachelor’s degree in 2018 will be like having a diploma in 1970. You’re just another person applying for the job who has a degree, NBD. Also, minimum wage is going to shoot way up to $15/hour. How many small businesses do you think can afford that? Not many. So those employees are going to be laid off, just like in Seattle. But hey, at least we’ll all have “free” health care and “free” college tuition! YAY socialism. Who needs a job when you can just knock on the government’s door and trick or treat your way to wealth? The problem is while us conservatives know this is a trick, the left believes that it is a treat.