It’s fairly well known that presidents, their spouses, and their children have code names for the Secret Service. Back in the day, these code names served a bigger purpose with security. These days, it’s more for tradition. It should be noted that the Secret Service does not choose these nicknames, the White House Communication Agency does.  So what was the code names for some of your favorite Presidents and their code names? Let’s discuss. 

The Wilson Family

President Woodrow Wilson:No code name 

First Lady Edith Wilson: Grandma

The Roosevelt Family

President Franklin Roosevelt: No code name

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt: Rover

The Truman Family

President Harry Truman: General or Supervise

First Lady Bess Truman: Sunnyside

The Eisenhower Family

President Dwight Eisenhower: Scorecard or Providence

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower: Springtime

David Eisenhower: Sahara

The Kennedy Family

President John F. Kennedy: Lancer

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy: Lace

Caroline Kennedy: Lyric

John F. Kennedy, Jr: Lark

Rose Kennedy: Coppertone

Ethel Kennedy: Sundance

The Johnson Family

President Lyndon Johnson: Volunteer

First Lady Lady Bird Johnson: Victoria

Lynda Bird Johnson: Velvet

Luci Baines Johnson: Venus

The Nixon Family

President Richard Nixon: Searchlight

First Lady Pat Nixon: Starlight

Patricia Nixon Cox: Sugarfoot

Edward F. Cox: Seminole

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: Sunbonnet

The Ford Family

President Gerald Ford: Pass Key or Passkey

First Lady Betty Ford: Pinafore

Susan Ford: Panda

Michael Ford: Professor

Jack Ford: Packman

The Carter Family

President Jimmy Carter: Deacon or Lock Master

First Lady Rosalyn Carter: Dancer or Lotus Petal

Amy Carter: Dynamo

Chip Carter: Diamond

Jack Carter: Derby

Jeff Carter: Deckhand

The Reagan Family

President Ronald Reagan: Rawhide

First Lady Nancy Reagan: Rainbow

Maureen Reagan: Rhyme or Rosebud

Michael Reagan: Riddler

Patti Davis: Ribbon

Ron Reagan: Reliant

Doria Reagan: Radiant

The Bush Family

President George H. W. Bush: Timberwolf

First Lady Barbara Bush: Tranquility or Snowbank

Marvin Bush: Tuner

Neil Bush: Trapline

Jeb Bush: Tripper

Dorothy Bush: Tiller

The Clinton Family

President Bill Clinton: Eagle

First Lady Hillary Clinton: Evergreen

Chelsea Clinton: Energy

The Bush Family

President George W. Bush: Tumbler, Trailblazer

First Lady Laura Bush: Tempo

Barbara Bush: Turquoise

Jenna Bush: Twinkle

The Obama Family

President Barack Obama: Renegade

First Lady Michelle Obama: Renaissance 

Malia Obama: Radiance

Sasha Obama: Rosebud

Marian Shields Robinson: Raindance

The Trump Family

President Donald Trump: Mogul

First Lady Melania Trump: Muse

Donald Trump Jr.: Mountaineer

Ivanka Trump: Marvel

Eric Trump: Marksman

Jared Kushner: Mechanic

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