We won’t see another stimulus package passed before the election; however, President Trump shared that he would be willing to take individual bills pertaining to stimulus package funds for COVID-19 relief. Why is he taking this approach? Because of how many superfluous things Nancy Pelosi and Democrats tried to sneak in the bill. They thought it would go unnoticed. It didn’t and I am here to spill the tea on what tried to sneak in. 

I do believe whether these things need funding is a different matter and a different conversation. No matter, these sneaky additions caused the pause in stimulus negotiations. As a result, it has slowed down the process of getting the American people the relief they so desperately need. This could have been completely avoided by simply adding these issues to budget talks.

Here are a list of things that have been added to the multiple stimulus bills passed by the House that absolutely didn’t need to be:

  • Protections for the Inspector General

  • Stricter emissions standards for airlines

  • Funding for Arts and Humanities Endowments

  • Unions getting collective bargaining power

  • Same-day voter registration

  • Placing government officials on the boards and subcommittees of private companies

  • Migrant and refugee assistance

  • Elimination of the US Postal Service debt

  • Requires companies who take stimulus funds to have a minimum $15 wage

  • Funding for an Environmental Protection Agency study on pollution and health

  • Marijuana business provisions

  • Solar and wind tax credits

In order to get Americans and small businesses the aid they need, we can’t be playing politics by putting a bunch of pork in the stimulus bills.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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