Welcome to our latest installment of Conservative Women Weekly! With a busy week in 2020 politics, we saw some of our favorite right-leaning ladies shine.

Ivanka Trump becomes a registered Republican, calling herself a “proud Trump Republican”

Ivanka Trump officially announced that she has registered as a Republican in New York, a transition she made in 2018 before the midterm elections. This move ensures Trump can vote in the New York primary for her father’s reelection this year, calling herself a “proud Trump Republican” in an interview. She described that her transition stemmed from the belief that her father has “broadened the reach of the Republican Party.”

Nikki Haley set to endorse Kelly Loeffler for Senate

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is expected to endorse Kelly Loeffler for the Georgia Senate special election race. Loeffler was appointed to the position at the end of 2019 to replace Senator Isakon, who stepped down. Since announcing her plans to run for the seat in the special election, she has received the endorsements of fellow female conservative senators Marsha Blackburn and Deb Fisher, along with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Tom Cotton. The race is tight between Loeffler and Doug Collins, a Republican in the US House, but Haley’s endorsement is a coveted one and could provide Loeffler with a needed boost.

Congresswoman Kay Granger wins primary in Texas district, moves onto general election

Incumbent candidate Kay Granger of Fort Worth, Texas won the primary against Chris Putnam on Tuesday evening, despite a campaign totaling more than $1 million to unseat her. Granger was endorsed by President Trump last year, and he reissued a statement of support via Twitter in advance of the primary election. As the most senior Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, Granger is a fixture in the House and is expected to hold onto her seat in the general selection, a victory which would mark her 13th term in the House.

BONUS: 5 of Elise Stefanik’s E-PAC endorsed candidates won their primaries on Tuesday. Those candidates include Beth VanDuyne (TX-24), Kay Granger (TX-12), Young Kim (CA-39), Michelle Steel (CA-48), and Genevieve Collins (TX-32). You can read more about them here. There are such to be more on the horizon as primary season continues.

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