The 2020 Presidential election is in less than two months. 2020 has been a crazy year bringing even more important issues to light that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden must prepare to address. The voices of conservative women are very important in this election, so I interviewed these 18 conservative women to find out what issues are most important to them.

Danielle E, Georgia, 20-years-old

Most important issue: Gun rights

“After witnessing all the violence and rioting in the past few months, the most important issue to me for the election is gun rights. Our right to protect ourselves has become increasingly more obvious in importance, and I can’t imagine voting for someone that doesn’t believe in that.”

Baylor M, Pennsylvania, 19-years-old

Most important issue: Gun rights

“Gun rights is the most important issue to me because I believe it is a fundamental right for U.S. citizens, and I fear that right would be in danger if Biden is elected.”

Kassy D, California, 24-years-old

Most important issue: Supreme Court

“The Supreme Court is the most important issue because judicial activism has gotten out of control, and we need to restore the court to upholding originalism.”

Quinn W, Washington, 20-years-old

Most important issue: Abortion

“The most important issue in the 2020 election which leads me to vote for President Trump is the abortion debate. With Biden being pushed further left, if he became president, the argument against abortion would be swept under the rug. Late-term abortions would likely be the next stage in making abortion services uncontested. Planned Parenthood would likely remain funded by our tax money, continue to be a company founded by racism, and conduct illegal activities under the guise of women’s healthcare. Under President Trump, the pro-life movement will continue, and that settles my decision for 2020.”

Lexi L, Pennsylvania, 21-years-old

Most important issue: Abortion

“Abortion is the most important issue to me this election because it is one of the greatest human rights issues we are facing today.”

Chloe P, Florida, 19-years-old

Most important issue: Abortion

“By far, the most important issue to me this coming election (and every election) is the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The value and dignity of innocent human life is something that must be fundamentally understood in order to build a just society.”

Petra W, Ohio, 27-years-old

Most important issue: Right to life

“The least any government can do is say killing the humans living under its protection is bad, and supporting the right to life in legal protection. If that right is protected first, then from there we can focus on protecting our rights to liberty and pursuit of happiness with a solid foundation.”

Lucy H, Pennsylvania, 21-years-old

Most important issue: Right to life

“Although issues relating to fiscal responsibility, national security, foreign relations, and limiting the government also have a huge impact on my view of a candidate, his/her pro-life status supersedes everything in my book. How can I trust a candidate who doesn’t even seek to uphold the Constitutional freedoms of every American?”

Jennifer S, Ohio, 25-years-old

Most important issue: Right to life

“Both issues I consider falling under the Pro-Life Movement. Our Founders promised protections of ‘life, liberty, and property,’ but none of our Natural Rights matter if our right to life is not protected. I don’t just believe – I know – that life begins at conception. And pre-born lives should be protected under the Constitution. And as a Survivor of sexual assault and a headstrong pro-woman Conservative, I firmly believe in the right for people, women in particular, to exercise their Second Amendment right to self defense by firearm, the only physical equalizer we have to men. It’s time to take our country back and redefine what it means to be ‘pro woman.’”

Makenna G, Ohio, 21-years-old

Most important issue: Education

“I think the most important issue to me in the 2020 Presidential election is education. We are living in a pivotal moment in history right now where freedom seems like it could really be one generation away from extinction. Without education being a focus in our future president’s plan, the generations being educated could very well lose sight of our American ideals, values, and freedom. I want the candidate who is best going to protect a student’s right to a good education wherever they choose with a curriculum that is not politicized.”

Eleana M, Wisconsin, 19-years-old

Most important issue: Education

“Education is one of my voting priorities because the strength of a nation is often measured on the literacy of its citizens; education is the vehicle that never stops driving us towards a better and brighter future.”

Kalasia R, Massachusetts, 22-years-old

Most important issue: School choice

“School choice is the most important issue to me in the 2020 presidential election because a student’s zip code should not determine the quality of education they receive.”

Caroline D, North Carolina, 26-years-old

Most important issue: Criminal justice reform

“Criminal justice reform because we need a serious overhaul of the system as is. There must be an emphasis put on the humanity of those within the system, a commitment to second chances for those who messed up, and a focus on rehabilitation for those who need it. First time, non-violent drug offenders don’t need to be thrown in prisons to make them into better criminals by learning from men or women who had honed their skills but got caught so they share a cell with someone who got arrested for petty crimes in comparison. That being said, defunding the police isn’t reform. It’s not reallocation. We need more funding for law enforcement so that they are constantly worried about money, department funds for trainings yearly on de-escalation, or grants for body cameras.”

Jillian K, West Virginia, 23-years-old

Most important issue: Limited government

“The most important issue for me is moderating the size of the government. The Tenth Amendment is my best friend and I don’t like how much power the federal government has. My vote basically comes down to who will maintain or restore more rights to local government and/or the people, whether that be in the form of having choice in things like schools or insurance coverage or safe-guarding our rights.”

Bianca L, Florida, 30-years-old

Most important issue: Healthcare

“Our nation has a serious healthcare problem. Most people think this issue is about insurance coverage being affordable for all and believe in the marketplace solution. However the current marketplace hurts the middle class most and many have seen their rates change due to change of income during COVID. Instead of focusing on insuring people, the focus should be on treatment pricing for both hospital visits and medications… I want my candidate focused on why these drugs cost so much, capping the prices, transparency for hospital pricing, innovations in not just treatment but also at the core of provider services to make visits affordable and accessible, and freedom to partake in experimental treatment.”

Felisha B, Texas, 29-years-old

Most important issue: Economy

“The most important issue for me is rebuilding the economy after unconstitutional government shutdowns and passing a balanced budget that allows for cutting spending and taxes.  The government significantly overstepped its bounds and threw the US economy into a tailspin. We need leadership who will lift restrictions and let Americans get back to work. Congress and the executive branch should work together to cut spending across the board and allow workers to keep more of their money.”

Nicole R, New York, 25-years-old

Most important issue: Economy

“The most important issue to me in 2020 is the economy. I feel it is incredibly necessary for the candidate to be dedicated to an economic policy agenda that focuses on job creation and growth. As we deal with the fallout from coronavirus, I believe we must provide regulatory relief for businesses, especially small businesses who have been so gravely impacted by quarantine and lockdown measures like those in New York.”

Taylor H, Virginia, 28-years-old

Most important issue: National security

“Like many Americans, there are multiple items that are ‘hot button’ issues for me in this election, but the primary theme of what I am voting for falls under the umbrella of national security: keeping China (and its massive overreach) in check, the safety and security of our troops, big tech and American privacy, obliterating the idea that socialism does anything but lead to societal collapse, as well as educating (I can’t believe I have to say this) our citizens about the evils of communism, holding other nations accountable for their fair share of financial burden for items ranging from defense to the abhorrent pharmaceutical R&D cost burden that Americans shoulder, and last but certainly not least the rule of law in our borders – not exactly a short list. Having lived abroad for much of my life, I value what I learned from the nations that I grew up in and know the role that we all play in making the world we live in a place that we are proud of, but the United States of America is my home. For me, this election is about protecting her.”

Rose L