2020 has been a very weird year, but that doesn’t mean we can take the election less seriously. It almost seems silly that this has to be said, but this election is extremely pivotal. There are many important issues at stake and I think we need to be reminded of what exactly that is before heading to the polls. 


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are radically pro-abortion. The idea that third term abortions could become the norm is completely terrifying and something that we must really consider when heading to the polls. The Biden-Harris ticket has been endorsed by NARAL who openly advocates for no limits on abortion. Biden used to have a decently pro-life record but after running for President, he has really caved to the far-left agenda. Biden has even reneged on his previous stance on the Hyde Amendment; he now says he opposes the amendment and believe federal funding dollars should be used to pay for abortions.

Supreme Court Justices

This is always a concern. There are two justices who are in their 80’s which could be a cause for concern whether they chose to retire or, God forbid, pass away while on the bench. We can’t afford to have extremely liberal judges appointed especially when we have witnessed activist judges really take the reins on legislating from the bench. 

Criminal Justice

Donald Trump has made monumental changes to criminal justice reform all while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have notoriously, less than friendly, records on criminal justice issues. Joe Biden has consistently voted for mass incarceration measures whereas Kamala Harris’ history as a California prosecutor are proof enough that she shouldn’t be given any power with the law.


President Trump is a massive proponent of school choice whereas Biden-Harris are opposed. They believe in the continuation of funneling money into crumbling school systems like Biden’s support for triple the amount of funding to Title 1 schools instead of allowing the money to follow the kid. They also uphold teacher’s unions . The unions hardly fire teachers for under-performing meaning children aren’t getting the teachers they deserve and sometimes require. 

Biden also believes taxpayers should foot the bill for free college tuition at community colleges and state universities. 

Foreign Policy

It’s strange to me that Trump using a friendly approach with our enemies is seen as bad but was applauded when Obama did the same thing, even bowing to foreign leaders. Biden will not stand up to foreign leaders. When Biden was the Vice President, the Obama administration suffering under some blustering foreign policy scandals such as the extreme failure of “red lines” in Syria, genocide in Syria, the entire mishandling of Benghazi, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the establishment and reign of terror from ISIS, the Iran Deal, the Bowe Bergdahl blunder, and so much more. 

Biden believes in leading from behind which is what caused so much foreign policy strife from 2008-2016. 

Gun Rights

On his website, Joe Biden touts that he single handedly took “beat” the NRA twice and will “beat” the NRA again. One of these claims is that he got 3 million firearms out of dangerous hands. This isn’t true considering all the crimes committed were with illegal firearms. He brags about securing the assault weapons ban. And I dare someone to ask him what exactly an assault weapon is..because he doesn’t know. Neither does Kamala. Joe Biden wants to hold gun manufacturers accountable for crimes they don’t commit, and he wants to limit the amount of guns you can purchase. 


“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was the lackluster promise from the Obama-Biden administration under Obamacare. Biden has repeatedly said that he would place restrictions on health insurers which would ultimately raise prices for paying customers. He also says he would create a board that would determine the price for medications even though the market should be what determines the price. Trump has already taken measures to ensure that market prices remain low for certain medications that have historically been too high but we can’t determine the market prices for all medications. Biden has also openly advocated for expanding medicaid which is a monumental financial burden on taxpayers.


Biden claims he only wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and on corporations but what he fails to mention is that with his other policy plans that involve excessive spending such as on education and medicaid, the tax rates of all would have to go up due to the irresponsible spending. 

Trump has lowered taxes for many, offered a bigger standard deduction, and has cut many taxes for the working class.


Trump has made regulation cuts to corporations which have allowed our economy to boom and meet historic heights. We have reclaimed our leadership on the world economy. But with Biden’s regulations, numbers in the markets would drop and for corporations wouldn’t be able to maintain the numbers they are now. 

The distinction between these two candidates is obvious. Vote like it.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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