Image Credits: The NY Post

With Trump and Clinton seeming to have already clinched the nomination two months out of convention and I’ve been astonished by how many people I’ve seen that claim to be Republican or Conservative but openly voice their support of Hillary Clinton in this upcoming election. Here are six things Hillary Clinton would have to do to win my vote.

1. Divorce her husband

I could never support a woman who claims to support all women and goes around talking about how all sexual assault believers should be believed and still wears a wedding ring from a man who has been accused of sexual assault and rape multiple times. If Hillary wants my vote, she needs to act on her words, support the victims of her husband, and kick him out of the marriage once and for all. 

2. Disassociate from the Clinton Foundation

I try not to buy into the conspiracy theories that the Clinton Foundation is a branch of the Illuminati for Al-Qaeda or whatever the internet wants to believe this week, but I do have a major problem with the way they take major donations from foreign individuals and companies while Hillary was serving as Secretary of State and is running for President. There seems to be a conflict of interest here, and if Hillary really wanted the rumors to stop, she’d step far away from the Foundation and let it survive without her, if possible.

3. Turn over all her speech transcripts

Yeah, I’m going to jump on that train. Hillary earns a ridiculous amount of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, per speech, and I want to know what she is saying to these top businessmen around the world that is worth that much dough. What kind of promises is she making, and how would that affect her ability to be a fair executive?

4. Voice support for the 2nd amendment

Back to Hillary’s support for all women, if we can. Part of Hillary’s platform is to eliminate sexual assault, especially on college campuses, but it is hard to do that when we don’t allow women to legally arm themselves against potential attackers. It’s time for Democrats, but especially Hillary, to stop trying to change the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and realize that the 2nd amendment is here to stay.

5. Stop talking about “women’s issues”

Seriously Hillary, get with the times. You for one should know that women care about more than birth control and maternity leave. If a woman can be Secretary of State and the presumptive nominee for a major political party, then women can talk about issues like national security and the economy and not be pandered to constantly. Women are voters to, and they vote on the real issues, so it is time for Hillary to ditch the women’s issues and tell it like it is to every section of the population.

6. Call terrorism what it is

For someone who was the Secretary of State and should know about this stuff, Hillary avoids the topic like the plague. She seems to be taking a page from Obama’s book on JV teams and avoiding the words Radical Islamic Terrorism, but if Hillary wants my vote, she needs to throw that page away and address terrorism for what it is: terrorism. No one is buying the “JV” team story anymore, and after Benghazi, Hillary doesn’t have much credibility on the issue.

As much as I wish she would, I don’t see Hillary budging on any of these issues, so it looks like she’s not getting my vote this November. Sorry, Hillary. Try a little harder never time.


Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member