Image Credits: Jeremy Cowart

Unless you live in a very niche corner of the internet, the name Laura Bell Bundy might not ring a bell. She’s an actress and singer who’s crooned such songs as “Kentucky Dirty” and acted in films like “The Christmas Calendar”–which I loved and highly recommend. Oh, and did I mention she originated the role of Elle Woods on Broadway? 

Bundy has blessed our ears with a new anthem--Get It Girl, You Go–to celebrate 100 years of winning the vote and the rise of female empowerment–but in it, she’s really leaned into her liberalness. The music video features lots of well-known liberal activists. She features a ton of Democratic female candidates. And that’s her prerogative, but I wish she, and other singers, would realize that empowering women isn’t partisan. 

Bundy says the song is,

“”It is the ultimate female empowerment song about women who ‘do it all,’ and break the glass ceiling. As women, we need to support each other and lift each other up.”

Yes, we do. We can do that no matter what side of the aisle we stand on!

I enjoy this song, even if I know it’s not intended for me, because I like strong women! I like being a strong woman and hearing people tap their toes to a good beat. The song features great lines like

No Agenda with your gender gotta learn to do it all


Baby, how you feeling? / Breakin’ that glass ceiling?”

There’s also what I consider funny lines like: 

Serving up valor, serving up grace / Now this is the shit that makes America great.”

Which I know is meant to be a dig at Trump and Trump’s MAGA fans–but it’s also just a good lyric. 

There are also much more politically left lyrics like 

While she’s runnin for the senate on the side / Gun control, climate change, freedom of press / Next up, the president of the U.S.

But come on…we’re smart. We know women on both sides of the aisle run for office. We can have a preference, but we can also celebrate women’s success, can’t we? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. 

This song is all about female empowerment–and I’m going to jam out to it–but I hope that Bundy, and her friends, realize that female empowerment isn’t partisan. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member