When we launched the Official Future Female Leaders Book Club in April 2020 we were so excited to profile books that were explicitly political-adjacent.

Our first book, American Royals, re-imagined the US with a monarchy.

American Princess, our second book, was about first daughter Alice Roosevelt.

Our third book, Most Likely, followed the senior year of a future POTUS.

Dare to Fly, our fourth book, was the memoir of a sitting US Senator.

Now…our fifth book, The Last Flight, is a little less “directly political” but we think you all are going to love this suspenseful novel with some fascinating and strong women.

The Last Flight by Julie Clark follows two women: Claire and Eva. Claire is the wife or Rory Cook, the heir to a political throne who is about to announce his run for the Senate. What no one knows is how abusive Rory is. Claire is finally ready to run, to escape his clutches, when she meets Eva in line at the airport. Eva, running from secrets of her own, and Claire switch tickets–Claire going to California and Eva to Puerto Rico, but when Claire lands in California she learns that the flight to Puerto Rico has crashed…with no survivors. Now, she’s stuck, in Eva’s home, and unsure of what is next. Will Rory find her? What was Eva hiding and running from when she got on that plane? Secrets flare in this suspenseful novel, but there is so much more than just a nail-biting novel here. 

You’re likely thinking to yourself, “female leader?” when reading this description…but hear me out. I read a lot of books in the suspense genre. They so often lean into unreliable narrators and crazy women and as a reader you’re supposed to doubt them the entire time. But in this book, the women are strong. They are often put in bad situations, often make stressful decisions, but this book is about overcoming and we cannot wait to discuss it with you all. We think this book will be an unputdownable read for everyone, but we do want to warn that it contains depictions of domestic abuse, in case that is triggering for you.This is a compelling read not only as a suspenseful book but as a look at how the world talks about women, handles allegations of abuse, and how novels can represent strong women in all genres.

If you are not already in our Facebook group, we recommend joining it to get in on all the great discussions. We’ll be interviewing the author, Julie Clark, profiling books similar to this one, and talking about the warning signs of domestic abuse to raise awareness. 

We hope you’ll enjoy The Last Flight.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member