Alright ladies, you know the drill! Here are the five ways conservative women shined this week.

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court

On Monday night, the Senate made history by voting 52-48 to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court, filling the vacant seat left by the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The confirmation of Justice Barrett solidifies the conservative hold on the bench. This holds extreme importance with the amount of high-profile cases that will be heard over the coming months. Amy Coney Barrett will be the first mother of school aged children to serve on the Supreme Court.

Nicole Malliotakis endorsed by the New York Post

Earlier this week, United States House of Representatives candidate Nicole Malliotakis was endorsed by the New York Post. This comes as a big boost for Ms. Malliotakis states that “she is proud to be endorsed by a newspaper that has the guts to endorse a Republican in this city.“ Currently, the race is in a dead heat with liberal, progressive candidate Max Rose.

Melania Trump hit the campaign trail for her husband

On Thursday night, First Lady Melania Trump took the stage at President Trump’s rally in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. The First Lady, who is usually behind the scenes in the political realm, spoke on behalf of her husband and the accomplishments that he has had over the past four years in office. In her speech, she commended her husband on his COVID-19 response and focused on Joe Biden and the Democrats’ socialist agenda.

Elise Stefanik talks the future of conservatism in interview 

Congresswoman trailblazer, Elise Stefanik, had an interview with the Washington Examiner about her views on the “future of conservatism, the importance of community….in the republican party, and where the movement goes if the President is no longer in the White House.” Elise Stefanik is known for being a strong representation of Republican women in Congress.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit the campaign trail for Republican candidates

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has been criss-crossing the country this week campaigning. She has been to multiple campaign stops with Ivanka Trump as well as campaigning for congressional and governor races across the country.

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Elise is a Political Science student at Arizona State with dreams to go to law school and be the next Elle Woods. You can find her watching Fox News, online shopping, or drinking an absurd amount coffee while talking about conservative values and Ronald Reagan.