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Every conservative woman knows how small the conservative movement is. After one summer in Washington, I realized that for myself.  In a movement as small and tight-knit as ours, it is prudent that we put our best foot forward everyday.

We young conservative women are a few but mighty group and once we start climbing up the ladder of the conservative movement, we need to make sure we continue that climb and don’t fall from grace, or hinder our own climb before it can be completed.

1) Treat everyone you meet as if they could be the next president. No one is beneath you, whether they are a freshman congressman or a first-day Capitol Hill intern. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Do not forget to shake hands, smile, and thank people for their time and hard work, even if they are on the opposite side of the aisle from you.

2) Dress respectably for all occasions. Whether you’re going to the Capitol Hill Club or a Nationals Game, you should be prepared to run into congressmen, interns, and future employers.  There is no need to wear a three-piece skirt suit for every occasion, but accurately assess each situation when preparing your outfit choice.  While business casual can be a slippery slope, make sure you lean more business than casual.  You can never be over-dressed or over-educated.

3) Never forget to smile. People may forget your name, or whom you work for, or where you went to school, but they will always remember a smiling face.  You may be chastised for frowning, and you may not, but that is a risk you take. You will never be punished for smiling. Greet everyone you meet with a smile. Take criticism with a smile. Network with a smile. It will do you a world of good.

4) Never leave your business card at home. As long as you have a good, presentable business card, you have a tiny networking tool in your pocket. A good business card can land you the job of your dreams, so you never want to leave that opportunity at home. Also, a ton of restaurants have boxes where you leave your business card for a chance at a free lunch. Why miss out on that?  Be prepared to give out your business card like candy on Halloween and you’ll be prepared for a bright future.

5) Don’t date your co-workers. Or your boss.  Yes, they could be the love of your life. The odds are that they are not, though. Don’t burn those bridges by trying to flirt or forge a relationship with someone you work with, whether they be your superior or not.  Keep business and pleasure separate, always.

Best of luck out there, girls.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member