One of the main values conservatives believe in is adhering to the Constitution of the United States: the fundamental laws that our Founding Fathers put down, establishing a civil government shortly after winning independence from Great Britain’s tyranny. The Constitution secures our rights and liberties today, and further secures them so that they are not taken away by the government. Many Democrats, however, believe that the Constitution is “living:” that it can be altered to fit their interpretation of it. This poses several of problems for us citizens, one of them being that it opens the possibility of losing our individual freedoms. The whole point of writing the Constitution was so that our rights wouldn’t be tampered with through political tyranny. Today, Democrats conveniently ignore and distort five basic amendments, and thus our rights as the people, in order to enforce their political agenda:

1) The First Amendment

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is one of the most clearcut ones of all: we have the freedom to speech, religion, assembly, and petition. Compared to other countries in the world, we are extremely lucky to have these liberties alone. A handful of Democrats, however, seem to really despise this one, particularly the free speech and religion part. They tout that free speech is only limited to those with nice things to say (political correctness, for instance), and institute “safe spaces” on college campuses where they obstruct any opposition to their opinions. They cry “separation of church and state!” (nowhere in the Constitution, need I remind you) the moment someone mentions their religious beliefs in the public square. Not to mention their love of forcing those of faith to do things that violate their religion, such as making nuns pay for birth control or making private Christian businesses endorse homosexual unions. In reality, the First Amendment has a duty to safeguard religious liberties, not to restrict them in the name of any political agenda. The Establishment Clause of this amendment ensures that all free speech is protected (yes, including speech that some consider offensive); in regards to religion, government simply cannot promote one religion (or non-religion) over another. These are some of the most important human rights of all, and are the exact rights that early Americans sought for by founding this country and later earned by winning independence.

2) The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment blatantly states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Democrats, however, block this right in numerous ways, one of them being that they insist “the people” is limited to law enforcers. This is absolutely absurd, as this creates a slippery slope where the government elitists have all the power, and we have none—not even the right to defend ourselves. They also enforce gun control measures to the point where only the “approved” can attain a rifle not already banned, violating one’s rights and not another’s. Some Democrats even want all guns taken away. Meanwhile, the government owns thousands of nuclear weapons, and the president is protected with—you guessed it—guns.

3) The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment should protect our privacy from government interference through “unreasonable searches.” That’s it. Yet Democrats have somehow managed to extend this “right to privacy” to include the right to an abortion (along with the Fourteenth Amendment), but not the right to be free of NSA spying. What’s particularly dangerous about this is that, by distorting the Constitution to fit their worldview, they have effectively taken away the right to live for a group of humans and can therefore do the same for other humans if it comes down to it.

4) The Tenth Amendment

When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution, they were aware that new issues would be introduced as time went on. This is why they established the Tenth Amendment to ensure that any powers not given to the federal government in the Constitution are automatically handed over to the states. The Founding Fathers did not have exposure to issues such as homosexual unions, Planned Parenthood funding, strict federal EPA regulations, or abortions in mind when writing the Constitution. No other amendment covers these matters. What they had in mind was a small central government with limited powers while the states’ powers—the people’s—would be plentiful. This protects us from the government abusing its power. Yet, we have still historically and recently seen liberals utterly ignoring this amendment as they have federally implemented abortion and strict regulations on businesses rather than rightfully handing this responsibility over to the states.

5) The Fourteenth Amendment

Established to officially abolish slavery, the Fourteenth Amendment confirms that all persons born in the United States are free. This amendment was used in numerous court cases to further protect African-Americans, such as in Brown v. Board of Education in which segregation in public school was deemed unconstitutional. Somewhere along the lines, though, liberals have distorted this racial liberty combined with the Fourth Amendment in order to institute the “right to privacy,” simply to legalize abortion under Roe v. Wade. It would be a serious understatement to call this a reach, never mind a distortion.

Briefly put, the Constitution is supposed to protect our individual rights throughout the course of time. It was written to ensure that we would be shielded against the same political oppression Great Britain once had over us during the colonial era. When we tamper with these exact rights to push an agenda, a narrow path is being opened for the federal government to abuse its power and stomp on our liberties as American citizens. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”