Image Credits: New York Times

After months of being the presumptive nominee, Donald J Trump, the businessman from New York, became the official Republican nominee from president, with a little help from his family. The nominating process kicked off on the second day of the Republican National Convention and by 7:15 PM, we had our nominee. The months of assumptions and debates over whether there would be a contested convention were over. We have our nominee, and that man is Donald J Trump.

The roll call vote was overseen by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and conducted by the secretary and assistant secretary of the convention.

Paul Ryan started his speech with a reminder of the rules for the nominating process, essentially informing them that Trump was going to be the nominee, based on bound delegates from the primary, and they better not fight it. Paul Ryan then handed it over to Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama who officially nominated Donald J Trump to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States, who began his speech by saying that “our political system is not working” and that we were operating like “the trench warfare of World War I” before stating that Americans wanted “their country on the right track again.” He boldly stated, to widespread applause, that Trump is “positive by nation” and is a “warrior and a winner.”

The roll call vote began shortly after 6PM with Alabama, with Jeff Sessions, the first senator to endorse Trump, casting 1 vote for Rubio, 13 for Cruz, and 36 for Trump, which was in proportion with their primary results. A black mother of three from Los Angeles was the Californian to cast their 172 to vote for Trump and she expressed her concern for the future her children would inhabit if Trump was not elected. Mississippi cast 25 of their 40 votes for “New York’s favorite son” Donald Trump. It should be noted that only Kasich, Trump, Cruz and Rubio had received delegates until Nevada gave one of their votes to Ben Carson. Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, announced that New Hampshire would give 11 of their 23 votes to Donald Trump. New York delayed their vote in order to be the ones to put Trump over the top, so we moved on to North Carolina, who cast 29 votes for Trump.

At 7:05, the CNN cameras panned to the New York delegation as they were joined by the Trump children, Donald Jr, Eric, Ivanka, and Tiffany, which was a sure sign that the official nomination and New York’s vote was imminent. At 7:12 PM, New York cast 89 of their votes for Donald Trump and officially propelled him over the needed number of delegates, 1237, and Donald Trump won the Republican nomination.

It was a touching moment to see the Trump children there when Donald Trump Jr officially made his father the Republican nominee. The Trump family has been extremely involved in their father’s life, and in his campaign, though not just on the campaign trail. I have no doubt that the way the media reports Ivanka is running the show is true, because that woman is the ultimate definition of a #girlboss. The Trump family is a strong force of unity behind their father, and no doubt their speeches during the next few nights of the convention will show us more about the family that might very well be moving from Trump Tower to the White House.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member