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After President Kennedy’s assassination, conspiracy theories ran wild. The theories included Lee Harvey Oswald and the possibility that the government, CIA, and FBI conspired to have the President killed. After Oliver Stone’s 1991 film, JFK, Congress enacted The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. This directed the National Archives and Records Association to collect and maintain records of the 1963 assassination.

The act stated that remaining JFK files must be released to the public within 25 years of the act’s enactment. The clock is about to run out. President Trump only has a few days to announce his intention to keep the files classified. He may only do so if he believes national security will be compromised should the files be released, consistent with Section 6.

The remaining 10% of classified files on JFK’s assassination are due to be released on October 26th in accordance with the Congressional action. Over 30,000 files have been released, some with redactions; the remaining 3,000 files contain FBI and CIA information about JFK’s November 1963 assassination. The October 26th release will include all 30,000 previously released files in their complete form. It will also include 3,000 never before released documents.

On October 21, President Trump released the following tweet:

Since his tweet, Republican members of Congress have come out in support of the release. Many say there is no reason to keep the files classified and it is time for the government to be more transparent with the public. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, urged President Trump to release the files earlier this month in a series of tweets:

Senator Grassley also proposed legislation earlier this month that called for the complete release of the JFK files.

According to Roger Stone, a White House source revealed CIA Director Mike Pompeo has urged the president not to release the files. However, the host of Stone Cold Truth openly admitted to hoping the files “shed further light” on LBJ’s role in Kennedy’s death saying:

Mr. Stone claims to believe the files will reveal that Oswald was “trained, nurtured and put in place by the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Most agree that the file’s release will not lead to shocking new conclusions on the JFK assassination. Instead, historians believe the release will lay to rest numerous conspiracy theories surrounding former President Kennedy’s death, such as the beliefs expressed by Mr. Stone.

The main goal for many in the file’s release is to glean a better understanding of Lee Harvey Oswald’s extended trip to Mexico City prior to President Kennedy’s assassination. While he claimed the trip was to obtain visas, many of the details surrounding his trip are still unknown.

President Trump still has a few days to stall the release. He has not yet expressed any intention to do so.

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