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President Donald Trump has finally signed an executive order on healthcare. He says that his plan will bring healthcare to millions of Americans. Earlier this week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced that he has been working closely with Trump for months on a healthcare order.


Trump’s new plan will allow groups and individuals to come together to purchase insurance through association health plans. Supporters of association health plans argue that these plans allow small employers and individuals to get cheaper coverage. The plan will also allow people to purchase insurance across state lines.

The executive order will allow individuals to purchase cheaper plans that were previously not allowed under Obamacare. Trump stated that the changes will “increase competition, increase choice and increase access to lower priced, high quality healthcare options.”

Trump’s executive order also includes expanded use of short-term plans, which are not required to meet the insurance protections in the ACA. The Obama administration previously prohibited consumers from buying these plans for more than three months. Trump’s plan is to allow individuals to stay on these plans for extended periods of time.

With Thursday’s executive order, Trump is closer to fulfilling his campaign promise to dismantle Obamacare.

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member