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Wednesday, President Elect Trump tapped Ronna Romney McDaniel to lead the Republican National Committee. The niece of former Presidential candidate and governor Mitt Romney, Ronna is the third of five children and has two of her own, with her husband Patrick McDaniel. Ronna attended Brigham Young University and is a third generation politician making quite a name for herself. She resides in Michigan with her family.

Michigan going red in the 2016 Presidential Election was a surprise for many, but president elect Trump credits her with much of this victory, explaining, “Ronna has been extremely loyal to our movement and her efforts were critical to our tremendous victory in Michigan, and I know she will bring the same passion to the Republican National Committee.” Mr. Trump has offered plenty of praise for Ronna, even giving a shout out during a victory tour speech, stating “Ronna McDaniel, what a great job you and your people have done, I was very impressed with you. She didn’t sleep for six months.”

There is no doubt that her presence in MI politics has made a significant impact.  In 2012, Ronna worked on the Romney campaign.  She was subsequently elected to represent Michigan at the RNC in 2014. Following this, she successfully ran for chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party.  She received support from both the party establishment and grassroots tea party activists. During the 2016 presidential election, Ronna served as a delegate to the RNC for Donald Trump.

Ronna, who is set to replace Reince Priebus, has been appointed Deputy Chair of the RNC for now. She will assume official office after RNC confirmation in January of 2017.

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