Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address as the 45th President of the United States takes place on Tuesday night, January 30th, beginning at 8PM on the major news channels. Why just sit back and watch when you can make a game out of it? Everyone will be watching, Trump fans and critics alike. This game is a a great chance to toss back some alcohol or get in some gym time.  As with our previous drinking/exercise games, you can play along at home and decide what your goal for the evening is. If you choose the drinking route, remember to drink responsibly. 

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Every time Trump says Fake News: 15 crunches or one sip

Anytime a member of the Trump family other than the President is shown on camera: 30 second plank or one sip

Whenever Trump calls out a Democratic leader (Pelosi, Schumer, Warren): 25 jumping jacks or one sip

Anytime the audience laughs at a joke Trump makes: 30 second v sit or one sip

Every time the phrase “Make America Great Again” is used: 10 pushups or one sip

Whenever the camera pans to a Supreme Court justice: 30 second wall sit or one big sip

Anytime immigration is mentioned: 10 squats or one sip

Whenever Trump uses his signature hand gesture: 20 leg lifts each side or one sip

During the entire Democratic response to the State of the Union: 25 burpees or finish your drink

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member