It’s no secret that the numbers of Republican women in office is less than stellar. It is not because there aren’t plenty of us out there, it is more because not enough of us are running. When I first thought about exploring the idea of one day running for office I did what most people do when they have no idea what they’re doing- hit up google!

I’m breaking down the four best training programs that I came across in my search. All of the programs and trainings listed below are available to take as a Republican in any state. Many trainings are geared towards candidates with very liberal stances or are for residents of specific states, but not these ones.

She Should Run

The organization has an entire online program called the “incubator.” The incubator is a great introduction to becoming a candidate.  She Should Run also offers virtual cohorts with women who are participating and learning along with you. Both of these programs for free.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership institute is an organization geared towards educating conservatives. They offer such a good variety of courses and trainings both free or of low cost on both online or in-person. I have participated in online classes, but have not had the chance to attend one of their in-person sessions. The classes they offer cover everything from specific topics to general campaigning. There is literally something for everyone. In fact, I would recommend taking the opportunity to learn something from them even if you aren’t considering running for office.

Vote Run Lead

I found the trainings Vote Run Lead had to offer were very informative and hands on.  Most of Vote Run Lead’s trainings are in-person. This can be difficult for some if there aren’t any in your area.  I attended two trainings in-person which were both about an hour away from my home.  The cost for the trainings is very inexpensive. VRL also has offered registration waivers, childcare and travel stipends. The activities and lessons are in-depth and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. VRL also sponsors online trainings that can vary.

The Women’s Campaign School at Yale University

If you’ve gotten to the point where you are applying to WCSYale, it is evident that you want to run for office or become seriously involved with a campaign. WCSYale is the premier political candidate training school for women, not just residing in the United States, but around the globe. In the five day intensive school, students learn from industry leaders and every aspect of running a successful campaign.  WCS has also increased their efforts of attracting more Republican applicants within the past year. Woo-hoo!  The school does charge tuition. Travel costs and lodging are paid out of pocket; however scholarships are available and fundraising for costs is encouraged. Not everyone is accepted into the program, but WCS also offers one day trainings that cover the basics of running for office.  The application typically goes live in January. The week long course takes place in June at Yale Law School.

In all reality you don’t need any training at all to run for office, but programs like the ones listed above will definitely help you find your way. If you have the passion, drive, and meet the requirements, to become a candidate — go for it. We need more women like you in elected office.

Elana Doyle is a wife, mother, conservative and a life long resident of Cape Cod. Elana enjoys following local and national politics in her spare time. She works with various organizations to help better her community and knows the importance of volunteer work and increasing civic engagement.

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