The first week of classes is among us. Between getting first assignments done, picking up textbooks, and reconnecting with old friends, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect outfits that will help you make the right impression. Here’s your first week style guide to help you make the right impression & feel confident during the “most important” week of classes.

First Day:

The first day of school is often associated with a lot of unnecessary pressure. Don’t worry about looking perfect, but being comfortable and looking presentable. Wearing your nicest dress doesn’t automatically guarantee you an A. Opt for a put together blouse with nice jeans (hint: no rips), slacks and a plain top, or a comfortable dress and cardigan.

Day Two:

Since you have different classes on the second day than on the first, this is often another day of making first impressions. Again, go with nice jeans & a blouse, a comfy dress, or slacks and a top to look like a put together student.

Day Three:

For some, day three is Friday, and for some it’s Wednesday. Regardless, it’s only the second day of most classes, so it’s important to still look put together. It’s okay to start pulling out the slightly ripped jeans, and getting into your routine of casual comfort. A simple top and jeans or sundress is perfect for day three.

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Day Four:

Since it’s late August, and likely very hot, try to keep cool and comfortable on day four. It’s another day of “seconds” so avoid looking overly grungy. Pick shorts that breathe, a light blouse, or a top that flows.

Day Five:

It can be tempting to wear sweatpants on Friday, but for this one week, try to avoid Nike shorts, leggings, or sweats. Jeans, a simple top, or nice shorts are the perfect option for your first Friday.

Remember, no matter what you wear, school is about what you learn. Take the time during the first week to schedule your time, and hit the books early so you won’t regret it later. Good luck this semester.

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