Maybe it’s just me, but this election season is making me nostalgic. Kelley Paul, Heidi Cruz, Melania Trump, and the other wives of the GOP candidates (also, Carly. Let’s not forget Carly.) are all strong, intelligent, and beautiful women. I can’t help but be reminded of another GOP woman, and I think it’s time she got a little recognition here! This week, we’re featuring Ann Romney as our WCW!

Ann was raised in Michigan and attended Kingswood School, a private institution, where she dated her now-husband, Mitt Romney. After graduating, Ann married Mitt, and attended Brigham Young University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in French.

Ann served as the First Lady of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, where she involved herself in a number of charities. At the conclusion of her time as First Lady, Ann stated “[the role] doesn’t need to change your life at all. I think it’s an opportunity for service and an opportunity to see people of all walks of life from across the Commonwealth…It’s an enriching part of your life [and one will] treasure it forever.

Ann Romney is an amazing wife, mother, and person in general, and we could go on and on about her accomplishments and merits. Instead, we’ll leave you with this quote:

How I measure riches is by the friends I have, and the loved ones I have, and the people that I care about in my life. That’s where my values are and that’s where my riches are.

Danielle B
Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders. She works with a multitude of organizations, most notably including the American Conservation Coalition, OUTSET Network, and Future Female Leaders. Danielle can't explain why she doesn't need feminism, she's too busy succeeding without it. She likes coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.

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