Is it awkward to start this post off by mentioning the weather? Yes? Oh well, we don’t care. It’s been gorgeous lately, and it’s finally (FINALLY!) warming up. Sooner than later, the flowers will bloom, the trees will bud, and the snow (if you have any) will melt away. With the season of spring nearly upon us, FFL is featuring a fresh face this week as our WCW.

Meet House of Representatives member Elise Stefanik, representing New York’s 21 congressional district. At only 29 years old, she launched her campaign, and at 30 years old, she won. Elise is the youngest woman EVER elected to United States Congress, an accomplishment that demands respect from both sides of the aisle. A 2006 Harvard University graduate, Elise TRULY gives substance to the “work hard, get results” philosophy. Stefanik defeated a wealthy Democrat, Aaron Woolf, by more than 20 points in a district the president carried just a few years ago, making her accomplishment even more impressive than it already was.

Elise has blazed a trail for both conservative women and liberal women alike, and at FFL we are hopeful that many young women will follow her lead and take action in politics. It takes one person to make a difference in the world, and with leaders like Stefanik, we’re confident that any impact left will be big.

Danielle B
Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders. She works with a multitude of organizations, most notably including the American Conservation Coalition, OUTSET Network, and Future Female Leaders. Danielle can't explain why she doesn't need feminism, she's too busy succeeding without it. She likes coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.

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