It’s clear that Kelley Paul is charming, warm, intelligent, and gorgeous; many have even referred to her as Rand Paul’s secret weapon. Though she very well may be all of these things, she is much, much more.

Kelley and Rand have been married for twenty four years, and together raised three sons. Paul is a graduate of Rhodes College. Following her graduation, she pursued a career in communications and English. She is a former communications manager, and now, a freelance author. Her most recent work, True And Constant Friends, was published just last month. Her book has been given 5/5 stars from both GoodReads and Amazon buyer reviews. In addition to this work, our lovely WCW is actively engaged in fundraising for veterans charities.

On top of her accomplishments career wise, we admire Kelley as a woman who supports her husband in all that he does. In 1988, Kelley met Rand at a backyard oyster roast in Atlanta. At first, Kelley thought that Rand was a teenager, unaware of the fact that he was actually a 26-year old doctor. They eventually began dating, and Rand asked Kelley to move back with him to North Carolina so that they could continue being together. On October 20, 1990, the couple married. Fast forward many years, and Kelley Paul literally took center stage introducing her husband at his Presidential announcement in Louisville, Kentucky.

Regardless of who you’re hoping earns the Republican nomination in 2016, we here at FFL feel that Kelley Paul is more than deserving of our Weekly Conservative Woman spotlight. Dedicated to her husband, her family, and her own career, she exemplifies a personality that Republican women everywhere strive to achieve.

Danielle B
Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders. She works with a multitude of organizations, most notably including the American Conservation Coalition, OUTSET Network, and Future Female Leaders. Danielle can't explain why she doesn't need feminism, she's too busy succeeding without it. She likes coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.

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