I’ve learned over the years that the way my friends decorate for Christmas often reflect their personalities extremely well. In fact, you can learn a lot about someone from how they choose to decorate for Christmas. So, what does your Christmas decoration style say about you? Let’s break it down!

The real tree

The person who has a real tree craves authenticity and family time. Picking out the tree is definitely a family affair for these folks. They don’t need a trendy new tree nor do they go with what the mainstream wants. They love the real tree look, needles and all.

The fake tree

The fake tree person values their time and they might even tend to be more frugal. They value cleanliness and minimalism. They value effectiveness and planning ahead.  

The white tree lights

The traditional white lights are just a classic, much like the person putting them on. The white Christmas tree light person values tradition, family time, and church on Christmas Eve. They thrive on classic Christmas movies in your pajamas and singing Christmas carols. 

The colored lights

The person who has colored lights is fun, vibrant, and quirky. They love the holiday for the company it brings, the quality time with loved ones, and the food. The people with colored lights will likely also have the popcorn garland around the tree and handmade ornaments. 

The handmade and mismatched ornaments

This person cherishes memories of the past and puts an emphasis on reminiscing. They find meaning in anything. Don’t be surprised when they pull out a broken ornament but refuse to throw it away because it means so much. They value a homey and cozy feeling. Meaningful ornaments make great gifts for these people.

The themed tree

Whether its red and gold, all silver, or food themed, these Christmas people value order and things that are aesthetically pleasing. Their tree is totally Pinterest worthy. Those with themed trees have their vision come together long before they show it off to their friends. Their Christmas tree is perfect for Instagram, no matter the filter. 

The candles in the windows

The ones who put classic and always gorgeous candles in the windows are frequently the people who take the holiday of Christmas as more spiritual than a time for gift giving with an emphasis on the reason for the season and the family. You’ll find these people in church on Christmas Eve.

Yard decorations

These are the fun families in the neighborhood who love to make people smile. They want everyone to enjoy the time of the year that is meant for happiness, joy, and fellowship. Those who decoration with yard decorations are happy when other people are happy and are willing to go to any length to get people to feel good. They are your Christmas fanatics. 

No matter what kind of Christmas decorator you are, you’re wonderful and whether you’re a minimalist or someone who goes all out, remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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