If you’ve been paying attention, you know that questions of national security have been key questions in the most recent presidential debates, and in our conversations on a national level. Nothing is more important to the preservation of our nation as the safety of our nation. Our citizens deserve to be safe in their homes and abroad, and we have to protect our country. The question remains, what is the biggest threat to our national security? Let’s explore a few of the front-runners for the biggest threat to national security award.


The hot-topic of National Security is ISIS, or the Islamic State, or Daesh, or whatever we are calling them today. What Obama isn’t calling them, however, is a major threat to our national security and our safety. The fact that ISIS is a terrorist group and not a nation state only adds to its threat.  Nation states have citizens to protect, economies to uphold, and treaties to adhere to. After the horrific attacks in Paris, followed by the attack in San Bernardino, it became even clearer that we must take seriously any threat of a domestic attack from ISIS and other terrorist groups. Any group that openly calls for the destruction of the United States and has the ability to stage wide-scale terror attacks on a major nation MUST be taken seriously as a threat to our national security. We cannot ignore the fact that ISIS is training people and trying to get them into the United States to wage war against us. It’s time to realize that ISIS is a threat to our national security, just like they want to be.


The majority of the Republican Party was up in arms when the Iran Nuclear Deal was announced; because we know what a disaster it is and is going to be in the future. Any deal that allows Iran to have access to more money is a deal that allows Iran to fund terrorism and work towards building their nation back up so they can fund more terrorism.  One of the biggest reasons behind this deal, at least so says the Obama administration, is to curb their nuclear program. However, this “nuclear deal” is a false positive in that direction. Even since the nuclear deal has gone into effect, there have been signs that Iran is disobeying that very deal. Any deal that the Iranian government praises is one that we should be extremely skeptical of. Leaders in Iran have called for “Death to America” which I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, makes them a threat to our national security. This threat will only increase as Iran has access to more and more money and the sanctions are lifted.

North Korea

North Korea is a nuclear nation, and we have to work to combat allowing them to develop missiles that would allow them to use those nuclear weapons. We have to work on ensuring that we, and our allies, are allies, are safe from North Korea’s attempts to destroy others while they are destroying themselves. Is a country with nuclear weapons and nothing to lose a threat to national security? Absolutely. Is it the most pressing threat at this time? Probably not. That doesn’t mean we should act like it isn’t happening, though.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member