Oh, the traditional Republican. We all know them, adore them, and love them. Theyre the ones that founded our love for the Grand Ole Party and taught us everything we needed to know in our quest to become mentally affluent in politics. Hes your grandpa in the seersucker suit at church on Easter Sunday, or the lady in red introducing you to the head of your new internship.

He or she is focused on strengthening our national security, economy, and borders, not only because these things are extremely important, but because they grew up in a period of war where they actually saw lives being taken from him or her.  These are your Mitt Romneys, John McCains, Jeb Bushes, and the esteemed members of your community.  The traditional Republican may be older and sometimes even a little more predictable because of their long right-wing stance, but without them, there wouldnt be the future leaders of the GOP: the millennial Republicans.

Enter the millennial Republican. This is your Marco Rubios, Nikki Haleys, college student, and even a younger member of the community. They are fresh faces, eager to implement change but protect what the Republican party was founded upon. They share similar and different ideas with the traditional Republican. They are less focused on social conservatism because of the demographics of their own generation. Millennial Republicans are ready to tackle big problems such as the economy and national security. They care about the national debt. They want a solution to the student loan crisis – but know free college for all isn’t the answer. This group supports limited government and quite frankly, wants the government to leave them alone. They are aware that their future will be affected by the choices that they make today, so they are eager to make the right ones.

Not only are they looking out for themselves, but they are looking out for those younger than them too. Unlike many people their own age, they understand the value and importance of hard work, are looking to do their own share, and in turn, shape America into what it has been in the past, absorbing some of the knowledge that has been acquired in the present day and age.

Both the traditional Republican and millennial Republican are important to the future and continuation of the Republican party. I, myself, am thrilled to be considered a millennial Republican while many other of my fellow college students have jumped over to the dark, left side. Its an exciting time, and I hope that all of you who read this have made the right choice on which party to support.

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Sarah G