Image Credits: Campus Reform

In short: nothing.

On college campuses nationwide, there is a demand for “safe spaces” on college campuses. These “safe spaces” are places that are free from diverse thought; a place where college students can go to get away from those with a differing opinion that may be seen as “offensive.” What makes something “offensive”? The term is broad and there are actually rules on college campuses that say you can’t say anything offensive. But what is offensive to someone might not be offensive to someone else. We can’t run away from free speech either. America is a free speech zone and in the real world, there are no safe spaces. If you’re in a professional setting, you can’t demand a safe space away from your co-workers because they disagree with you on something.

These safe spaces are a result of college students who got rewarded for whining as kids and that is exactly what’s happening with them as adults. They are whining and saying that they are “emotionally abused” by someone having a differing opinion. So what do other adults do? They give them a blank room and tell them to go there when they feel like they need to get away from those opinions. The word safe implies that someone is protected from harm. But these safe spaces are only harmful. Telling young adults that when they don’t like someone’s opinion, they can kick and scream until they get their way or that they can run away from something and hide until the big scary opinion is no longer being talked about on campus.

These young adults now feel entitled to not having to hear a differing opinion. Just as recently as February 26, 2016, students at California State University- Los Angeles (CSULA) protested Ben Shapiro, a New York Times best seller and Daily Wire editor in chief, who was working with the Young America’s Foundation at CSULA who was going to give a speech on campus. These students just stand outside and picket like our laws allow. These students took it one step further; they blocked the entrances into the facility but the students who wanted to attend eventually made it inside, risking their own safety as the protestors were getting violent. And while Ben Shapiro was speaking, the protestors even pulled the fire alarm. Not only is pulling the fire alarm as safety hazard, but they were blocking the doors as well which is also a safety hazard. This is inflicting fear on a group of people who think differently. These people protesting were the same ones begging for a safe space. Well why isn’t there a safe space for conservatives? No one was required to attend Shapiro’s speech yet somehow these students went out of their way to prevent him from speaking, unsuccessfully, I might add. Shapiro gave a fact-based speech and even predicted bad behavior from the protestors (they pulled the fire alarm after he said something else would happen).

These safe spaces are only hurting college kids. Seventy years ago, young men were returning home from Europe and the Pacific because of a war. Their safe spaces were bunkers and bomb shelters. These days, eighteen year olds need a room with a coloring books because someone thinks differently than they do. It’s an absolute shame that our military have fought and still fight and some even died to protect our right to free speech, not to hide from it.

If you ever wonder why our parent’s generation or our grandparent’s generation worries about us, its because of the sad reality that young people can’t handle it when people think differently than them and can’t seem to think rationally.

Next time someone demands a safe space, hand them a map of the United States of America and tell them they live in the greatest safe space and free speech zone the world has ever seen.