This morning, as a long time Taylor Swift fan, I woke up eager to watch her new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. Her albums always came out at just the right time for what I was going through at that moment. I’ve been to two of her concerts and pre-ordered all the albums. But after watching this documentary, I have some… thoughts and I feel as though she wouldn’t even want me, and others like me, as a fan. Why? Because the last 30 minutes of the documentary focuses on her political awakening and wanting to share them with the world, but the way she does so is very alienating to her the ones in her fan-base that lean to the right. Let’s dive in.

Taylor Swift notoriously shared her political opinions in 2018 when she spoke out against electing Marsha Blackburn as the next United States Senator from Tennessee. In the documentary, Swift refers to Blackburn as “Trump in a wig.” You can tell that when she was tearfully telling her team that she really wanted to speak out, she meant it. She is fiercely passionate about her opinions. As a fellow passionate woman, I definitely respect that. What I didn’t respect was the rhetoric she used to falsely generalize Republicans. 

While she never directly referenced to her fans and their political affiliations, I would argue her rhetoric will not sit right with my fellow conservative Taylor Swift stans. For instance, she called a Republican in office “racist and homophobic.” This generalization is old, tired, and is intellectually lazy.

Now, more than ever, conservatives are pro-LGBTQ+ and believe in the equality of all people. In fact, it unironically stems from the pro-life belief that every life has value and the belief stems beyond the birth of a child. 

African American, Hispanic, Asian, women, disabled, and veteran unemployment is the lowest level ever recorded in history.

Life changing criminal justice reform like the First Step Act is ending the lifetime incarceration for non-violent drug offenders and giving a second chance to many. 

At the premiere of Miss Americana, Swift said she admired director Lana Wilson’s previous work on a documentary called After Tiller, a documentary about clinics that perform late-term abortions. There is never a medical reason to abort in the third trimester yet by Swift’s praise of After Tiller, she sends the message that she believes late term abortion is normal, moral, and okay. 

Towards the end of Miss Americana, Swift shares,“I’m trying to be as educated as possible on how to respect people.” Sadly it seems she has alienated anyone who dare vote for a Republican. 

In fact, I am utterly shocked with the broad brush rhetoric she used to paint Republicans and conservatives in this documentary. 

Yes, I am a feminist Republican.

Of course, I believe women deserve equal rights.

Yes, I am an advocate for sexual assault survivors and domestic violence survivors.

Yes, I am an ally to LGBTQ+.

Yes, I believe in equal protection under the law.

Yes, I am a Republican.

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Of course, I do not believe that the Republican Party is perfect and there is always ways we can better our party. In fact, I would love to see modernization to the platform as a whole, but we are not the monsters Miss Americana portrayed us to be. I’d like to think that if Taylor Swift sat down with a Republican and conservative like me and listened to the real and concrete reasons that we vote and believe in the things the way that we do, she would be more willing to not generalize us as broadly as she did. 

The documentary makes me wonder if I have a place in her fan base. It leaves me questioning if Taylor Swift actually appreciates the concerts I’ve attended, the records I have bought, the apparel I have acquired from her store, or the countless times I’ve voted for her in fan-based awards. 

I don’t dislike Taylor Swift because she has a different opinions than me. In fact, I still love her as a person, I love her music, and I love getting to be a part of this fan base, but now, I just wonder if she feels the same about fans like me. 

Caroline C.
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