1) A copy of “Economics for Dummies.” This one is especially important to buy for any of your friends who #FeelTheBern



2) If you’re feeling extra generous throw in one of these Bernie stickers for them!

unnamed (1)


3) OBAMA COUNTDOWN CLOCK –  This one can sit on their desk at the office. Not only does it countdown until their beloved Barack Obama is out of office…. But it is also a countdown until the Republican Party takes over and shatters their hopes and dreams. Double win!

unnamed (2)


4)  A subscription to Guns and Ammo – Maybe after a few issues they’ll feel inclined to practice their 2A rights!



5) One of these pins so everyone knows they’re a whiny liberal who needs to be coddled in a “safe space.”



6) A copy of the Constitution – Because we all know Democrats need to read it.

image1 (1)


7) Regardless of what you choose….. Make sure it goes into this bag.

image1 (2)

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member