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As the world mourned the death of the 41st President of the United States, George HW Bush, we couldn’t help but cry every time we saw an image of his service dog, Sully HW Bush, who had been with the former president since June.  The Bush Family spokesman shared a heartwarming image of Sully that led many to ask what was next for the yellow lab. Now, we have an answer.

Sully, who was trained by VetDogs, a service dog organization dedicated towards training dogs to assist combat veterans with various tasks, will join the service staff at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Walter Reed has a Facility Dog Program and Sully will work with them to “assist with physical and occupational therapy to wounded soldiers and active duty personnel during their journey to recovery at Walter Reed Bethesda.

“As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we’re comforted to know he’ll bring the same joy to his new home, Walter Reed, that he brought to 41,” Bush 43 told reporters.

The VetDogs Program is an amazing program and ultimately, the training for one of their dogs can be up to $50,000, though they provide the dogs for free to veterans.If you’re looking for a way to honor 41 and make a difference in the world, consider donating to this program.

You can also, if you live in certain areas, become a weekend puppy raiser to help the puppies socialize outside the prison environment they work in with inmates during the week. If I could sign up, I would have twice by now.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member