Do you find yourself looking at the screen and wondering where all the Democrats are? When journalists are trying to scoop the latest story on a GOP candidate, do you ask yourself why they aren’t worried about their own candidates?  We all love to tweet along with #DebatewithFFL, but have you noticed there are so few debates for the Democratic nominees?

Leading up to the Iowa Caucus on February 1st, the Democrats held 5 official debates. The GOP held 7.  The Democrats held the majority of those debates on nights where politics were the last thing on anyone’s mind, such as during Sunday Night Football and Downton Abbey.  Does anyone even watch the Democratic debates? Who was going to turn off football and watch three crazy lefties argue about who is going to tax us more?

So the question remains, why are the democrats hiding? Are they purposefully hiding from the public, and if so, why? If you are proud of your candidates, don’t you want to show them off?  If Hillary is the perfect candidate that she is toting herself to be, why is she hiding in the bathroom while a debate starts?


If the Democrats were proud of their candidates, and knew they were strong and infallible, wouldn’t they be eager to show them off? What happens when Democrats debate? When Democrats debate, we hear about how they want to raise our taxes, redistribute our wealth, and they talk about climate change as if ISIS is just a figment of our imagination. We need to hear more questions, more hard-hitting questions, and questions that will truly determine how effective a candidate would be as our president.

The Democrats are hiding because they know when the Demcorats debate people start googling things like “Hillary FBI investigation” “Is Hillary Going to Jail?” and “How much will Bernie Sanders’ plans cost my family?” The people are skeptical, and that is why the Democrats have to hide.  Millennial voters especially are asking questions, and that is why the Democrats have to hide. The Democrats know that the more they talk, the quicker you will realize their plans are completely unfeasible and bad for you and your family.


It is time for the Democrats to stop hiding so that the people of the United States can get some serious answers. Stop scheduling your debates so that no one will watch. Have more debates, for crying out loud. If the GOP tried to pull something like this, the news media would skewer them. Don’t let the Democrats get away with this. No matter what side of the aisle you fall on, demand more debates. Demand more conversations. Demand more transparency. It is in the best interest of your vote, and your country.