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I am absolutely tired of hearing the women cannot be conservatives. I am tired of hearing that the conservative movement is full of old, white men. People that claim sexism and racism are rampant are the ones perpetuating these sexist, racist lies, and it is time to stop. You CAN be a woman and a conservative.  I would even argue that being a conservative makes the MOST sense for a woman. Conservatism isn’t meant just for women. Conservatism IS feminine, whether the left wants to admit it or not.

So why exactly is conservatism feminine, you ask? Think about it. Conservatives value independence, life, the free market, and the right to bear arms. Let’s take that step by step and look at how that fits into femininity.

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1) What woman doesn’t love independence?

The ability to survive on our own, without the required help or a man, or the government, is something that all women should be able to get behind. If you don’t want to be dependent on a man, why would you want to be dependent on a government? If you truly think that women have the ability to be independent, then you agree with one of the most basic tenants of conservatism.  Independence for all. We can be independent without having to hate, put-down, or step all over the opposite sex.

2)  As we all know, the conservative movement seems to be the movement that values life.

How can we dare let our society tell us that guns are a horrible danger to children when we allow innocent children to be killed every day in abortion clinics across the country? Being a conservative is about fighting for life for the innocent.  That is one of the most feminine things I can imagine. No woman – or man – should want innocent children to die.  That is why we fight so hard for life.

3) Women and the free-market go hand in hand.  

As much as I hate the age-old adage that women love to shop, it does help me illustrate an important point. The role of women keeps the free-market rolling along. On the levels nearest to us, women are often the ones who make decisions about household purchases, whether it be food, furniture, cleaning supplies, clothes, etc. Women have the ability to control the markets they participate in a lot more than they, or anyone else, realizes. Women CAN be and ARE advocates for the free market.  The free market allows us to exercise our power even when we aren’t holding office or running Fortune 500 companies. Not every person is going to be in the 1%, by definition, so there has to be a way for the other 99% to have a chance to make money, play a role in the economy, and control the world around them. It’s called the free-market.

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4) Thanks to a little thing called the Second Amendment, women are better able to defend themselves against threats.

The conservative movement is the only movement that is advocating for women to be able to use guns to defend themselves when necessary.  That is why the conservative movement is truly the champion of women. The left wants to control you to the point that only they can protect you.  What is the government going to do when you are raped, assaulted, robbed, or otherwise threatened by someone who can easily overpower you by sheer force? The greatest equalizing factor is a weapon; it is as simple as that. Any movement that tries to make women less safe by taking away their choice to protect themselves is not a movement that cares about women at all.

5) Conservatism values things that benefit the lives of both men and women, not just one or the other.

Conservatism is feminine because it provides the best way for women to be independent, happy, and safe in their own lives. Conservatism is feminine because we say so, and we, conservatism women, do have a voice.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member