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In case you missed it, Netflix posted an official announcement for a fourth season of their hit show, Stranger Things. Because filming for this fourth season is likely starting this month, fans have a long while to wait before the release of an official trailer, let alone the entire season. Yet, the third season proved to be worth the wait after the second (which lasted nearly two years), so we can only hope that the upcoming plot will be just as fresh and fulfilling as the last. 

Although Erica only made minor appearances in the second season of Stranger Things, her sass took the third season by storm, and she rapidly won fans’ hearts. Her character developed to be more than just Luke’s little sister. She graced the series with an abundance of no-nonsense retorts and hilarious schemes.

Erica is clearly empowered, and I’d like to think that she’d fit right in as an FFL girl; she’s young, sassy, and stands up for capitalism better than most adults. Especially since conservative characters in movies and shows are few and far between, we are truly grateful for Erica’s persona. While we anxiously await more news about the next season of Stranger Things, we want to rally for our new favorite conservative character and future female leader with a recap of her superiority thus far:

From the get-go, Erica has never backed down to her older brother or his friends. There’s a reason she was written a bigger role in the third season. That’s because even as a supporting character, Erica’s confident and nonchalant demeanor stole the show.

Despite being surrounded by a much older crowd, Erica remains calm and doesn’t need anyone to dumb-down the situation for her to keep up. Not to mention, she’s a negotiating queen.

She’s positively patriotic and embraces her love for America by proudly reminding everyone that she is one with her country and plays a part in its future.

She is strong and will stand her ground, even when she’s being picked on by older, more experienced characters.

Erica is without a doubt the go-getter of season three. She’s often the one to make a plan for the group. Though she may make a snarky comment or two, she never complains about her responsibility despite being the youngest, a girl, and new to the group. Instead, she fixes the plans as she sees fit.

She’ll confront anyone when they’re wrong, because she embodies the voice of truth and reason.

When she finds a “deadly weapon,” she knows she could use it to protect her clan and “take down commies.” (She’s definitely pro-2A.)

When she declared her love of capitalism, she won the hearts of conservatives everywhere and even Adam Smith probably shed a happy tear.

The threats facing the characters in season three were more dangerous than ever before, but Erica wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to help defeat the commies when it was said to be her duty as a citizen of the United States.

Erica truly laughs in the face of fear. This is why we are sure she will be an integral part of tackling whatever challenges may arise in the next season. And we’ll be watching to root her on!

Lucy H

Lucy Hutchinson is a proud Pennsylvanian and daughter of Christ. She is a junior at Washington & Jefferson College and she aspires to attend medical school through the military to eventually become a dermatologist. When she’s not advocating for Israel, sun protection, agriculture, or GMOs, she’s probably studying or waiting around for her 21st birthday so she can obtain her concealed carry permit. (Not sponsored by Chick-fil-A but should be.)