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Everyone loves a strong, independent, fearless women. Truthfully, that’s the kind of woman we all want to be, but sometimes, being a woman can be scary, I’ll be the first to admit it. At about half the weight of an average man, I’m not confident in my ability to defend myself. It’s something that has haunted me all of my life. I’m ashamed to say, it’s limited me. I’ve avoided late night shopping trips alone and stayed in after dark if at all possible. About six months ago, I wanted to take control of this situation as best I could, I started actively pursuing ways I could defend myself – and I chose to become a concealed carry holder. 

Most women live their lives in fear like I just described. They’re victims of fear. It consumes them, takes away their sense of security, and leaves them on edge all the time. Trust me, that’s no way to live life. What can you do about it? You can refuse to be a victim. Six months ago, I traded in my victim card for a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, a NRA membership, and a concealed carry permit – and I feel more at ease. Taking control of my situation was the best decision I’ve ever made. By choosing to carry a concealed weapon, my sense of security returned the best that it could. I felt like I was in control of my life…and my safety.

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Many have argued that it’s not right for women to feel so unsafe that they need to carry a gun. While I understand and agree with that statement, I can’t fix it. I don’t have the power to stop the mentally handicapped or control the desires of creepy men. I do have the power to purchase a gun to protect myself if I ever find myself in harm’s way, and so that’s what I chose to do. There are both women and men who have found themselves in harm’s way with no way to defend themselves. You can’t go back in time and change your preparedness, reaction, or circumstances. I never want to open myself up to being helpless and vulnerable against my will, and because of that, I choose to carry.

This month is Women’s History month – a month to celebrate and empower women. Part of empowering women is encouraging them to embrace their rights. The Second Amendment is a crucial right, especially for women. We can’t always control the circumstances we are put in, whether that be late hours at the office or a less than ideal parking area, but we can control how we react to those circumstances. 

If you’re new to guns, I recommend taking an introduction to guns and/or a gun safety course. You will learn invaluable information about firearms while also gaining confidence of handling a firearm correctly. Gun safety is imperative to handling a firearm. If you’re properly trained, yet not quite ready to carry concealed, consider becoming a gun owner. Guns are often made out to be an enemy, but they can be a great self defense mechanism when used properly. 

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I didn’t grow up around guns, but the more I learned about them and gun safety, the more inclined I was to purchase one. This month, consider empowering yourself by embracing your Second Amendment right and taking back your sense of security. 

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